Monday, August 6, 2012

More Painted Rocks

Two finished:

Finished: Elephant and Ladybug
Another in progress:

In progress: Crab
They are just so fun and satisfying to make!


Karen Isaacson said...

I could paint rocks all day long. The downside of a lake vacation vs. an ocean vacation is that the rocks here are round and smooth and suitable for paining. Love the dot series.

Donna Lee said...

That's what my girls used to say. I wonder what the appeal is. I tend to like my rocks plain so I can admire them just the way they grew.

amy said...

Donna Lee, I like them that way, too. We have lots of beautiful, special rocks that I won't touch with paint. The ones I'm painting are the smooth, round, plain ones. I don't know what it is--it's just really fun making these somewhat frivolous decorated objects!

Helen said...

they look fun!