About Me

I'm Amy, and I make things. I've been blogging in various places since the fall of 2006, but in keeping with the ethereal nature of blogging, most of those blogs don't exist anymore. I've blogged about knitting, my kids, homeschooling, and the New England Patriots. Currently, I blog about homeschooling (formerly, pursuing open-ended process-oriented art with my children) over at Kids in the Studio. And here, at Salamander Dreams, I blog about the things that I make.

I knit, I sew (when I can clear the art table and stake out a claim for long enough), and I embroider. I like carving stamps and making little books and, quite honestly, I have a bit of a problem with crafting focus. I thought I wouldn't bother with a crafting blog, because there are so many wonderful ones out there, and really, I thought, does the world need another one? But it turns out the human desire to show and tell is too strong to resist. So here I am.

(Also, I like salamanders. That's why.)

A few more things about me, so you know me a bit better:

* I have three kids. Our boys are 8 and 11, and our daughter is 4.

* I'm a Virgo, and I act like one.

* I live within miles of the Atlantic Ocean in southern Rhode Island. Love it.

* I have celiac, which means no gluten--ie, barley, wheat, malt, oats, or rye--in my diet. 99% of the time I'm completely positive about this. When I'm not, I really do try to keep it to myself.

* I don't want to or plan to discuss or debate politics, religion, parenting styles, or sports affiliations on this blog. It's all about making stuff.