Sunday, February 10, 2013

Yellow Postcards

When I realized on Thursday that we'd be spending the next several days at home, I made a list of Things To Get Done During This Storm. I've been using the sticky note program on my laptop, and that sticky note is gone--I did everything on my list. That means I have some things to blog this week, starting with these sunny yellow postcards for Karen's Yellow Postcard Swap. What better color to work with as the howling winds covered everything with snow?

I call these first two my lemon ladies.

I thought about adding some text but then decided to let the recipient--and you all--fill in your own ideas. Are these women making lemonade from lemons? Are they making some snide sarcastic remark about the idea of turning lemons into lemonade? I couldn't make up my mind. What do you think?

These next two have a print of my sunny compass rose.

I made these the same way I made the blue ones--I gathered a pile of papers in the chosen color, made a larger collage/paint background, and then made the final compositions once I'd cut the larger sheet into four pieces.

Here's to sunny days ahead!


Olivia said...

I love those lemon ladies! The potential ambiguity is cool. I've recently started using a notes program on my computer and phone, it was hard to admit but it is more effective for me than a notebook. I have to tick things off and leave them there for a while before deleting them though, because ticking off a list is so satisfying!

Karen Isaacson said...

you know I'm hard at work thinking of snide comments, don't you?

Michelle said...

I'm a fan of the snide ... so ...

Also, I am absolutely smitten with that compass on the yellow. Great job.

Cameron said...

An absolutely wonderful color to take your mind off cold, white days :)

Snarky comments, methinks ;P

Leslie said...

Couldn't find your email addy anywhere so I'm posting here. And you left out the 2nd E in your blog addy on the back of the card so I was searching for 'drams' in stead of 'dreams'. Didn't work LOL. Went back to the MMSA site and tracked you down by finding the post with the pic of your card.

Rcvd your Blue MMSA card with the chemistry formula circles. Very cool card - thanks. Love the doily and the chemistry circles. I use book text a lot and think it's a great touch.

jean said...

Hello Amy,
Received your yellow MMSA compass postcard in today's mail. After so many weeks of dreary grey days here in Seattle, your card brought with it blue skies and sunshine! Thanks for the great art and good cheer!

TinaW said...

I received your fab postcard with the lemon slice and the woman in the housecoat. Thanks for the ray of sunshine!