Friday, April 15, 2011

Quick Little Pincushion

Remember how I said my pincushion is a mess? What a good excuse to make a second one.

(This is the best photo of the bunch--something about the color of this felt confused the heck out of the camera. The color is true, so we'll have to put up with that little flash reflection.)

I was poking around in books and online, wondering what kind of pincushion to make, and I saw Thomas Knauer's embroidery designs over at Sew, Mama, Sew. I don't particularly want to make teapot trivets, but I'm fond of elephants. So I isolated one of them, added stripes, and thought he'd look quite handsome on some felt from my surprisingly large felt stash. I used tear-away stabilizer for this, and after embroidering, I cut two squarish shapes with pinking shears. I sewed them together with running stitch, stuffed with wool, then finished sewing.

Presto! Quick little pincushion. He's so cute I haven't put pins in him yet, though, which is just as well, because my two youngest keep trying to abscond with him. I wouldn't want them to get poked.

Big day tomorrow! I'll be at the first session of a two-part class covering printmaking and bookbinding techniques. This will be the longest I've ever been away from my still-nursing toddler--about 5 1/2 hours--and I'm a little idgety about it, but also pretty excited, because I haven't been able to do something like this in a really long time. Hopefully I'll have lots to share after the weekend!

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Bells said...

i've got several pin cushions and don't think that's too many - cute little ones like that would be a good size to have around!