Monday, April 18, 2011

Sewn Bunny Softies

Look at those guys! Aren't they cute? I was lucky enough to win (completely unexpectedly!) the pattern when Wendi Gratz decided to give things away on her birthday. I had my choice, so I sat my two-year-old on my lap to get her input. It was a tough decision between the bunny and the bear, but the bunny prevailed.

I've been making things in sets of two for a long time--first, for my two boys, and now, for my younger two children, since my oldest, a nine-year-old boy, really doesn't have strong feelings on whether he gets a stuffed bunny softie. But I knew I'd have to make two of these. Also, since my daughter picked out the pattern, I didn't feel a need to keep my craftiness a secret. They knew the bunnies were coming. I did want to get them done before Easter, although I wasn't going to make them wait for them.

The fabric on the inside of my son's bunny's ears matches one side of his curtains (you can see that better in the main pic above). My daughter's bunny's ear linings are left over from a bundle that I used for project bags a long while ago.

(The girl does not stay still!) The main fabric is from jammie pants I made my boys shortly before my daughter was born. I stuffed these pretty softly with wool. I have a feeling they might get misshapen after a time, but I can always unpick the hand-sewn closure and add a bit more stuffing later on.

And you can see why I didn't make them wait until Easter, can't you?! The bunnies came with us to the supermarket today. They are already much-loved bunnies!


Bells said...

oh i love that you're repurposing fabric into their toys! Just such a great idea!

Donna Lee said...

I have a stuffed snowman that looks similar. Just with stick arms and no ears.

I love them. I don't think anyone is too old for stuffed bunnies at Easter time.

amy said...

My oldest really doesn't care, Donna Lee! I asked him if he'd like me to make him anything...nope. But he wears the jammie pants I made him every single night. He loves them! And he also loves his handknit socks. So he's good. ;)

Michelle said...

Those are adorable!!!

And Yay for me finally finding your blog feed in my reader! Das Google was hiding it from me. :)