Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Creative Space: July 7

I've been making progress on my holiday project, as you can see--or I was, until a headache got the best of me a couple nights in a row. Then I spent another evening sorting through the last three months' worth of digital photos, editing and selecting the ones to print. I do this every three months so it doesn't get away from me, and I know they're all on the computer, but it's not the same as sitting with the kids and flipping through the pages. They'll want those albums some day, I hope. At any rate, tonight I'll get back to it--sewing wool felt onto wool felt is just delightful, and I'm completely smitten with the results so far.

As for that big ball of string, it's Aunt Lydia's No. 10 crochet cotton. I so loved knitting my Hemlock Ring Blanket last winter that I tucked away the idea of making the doily version in the summer. Now it's summer, and I finally got around to buying some thread. That's 1000 yards of string for under five dollars--quite a bang for the knitting buck, don't you think? I haven't started it yet, and I'm worried the cotton will be too slippery against the metal needles (and I'm going to have to buy a circular at some point; I don't have a circular in size 1), but I can't use bamboo needles that thin--they'll break. Even my metal sock needles have a bend to them. Apparently I'm a forceful knitter?

The kids and I have also been creative... making sun prints on paper and t-shirts, and working our way through some science experiments from the Steve Spangler site. I tell you, it's like summer camp around here, except better, because we serve ice cream for afternoon snack every day.

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Rose Red said...

I think metal needles will be too sloppy with the crochet cotton. I'd give bamboo (or other wooden needles) a go if I were youn- you won't be knitting the roily at s tight gauge like you do with socks, so you might find yourself less forceful with the cotton! Hope so anyway!

Rose Red said...

Sorry, I didn't mean sloppy, I meant slippy (stupid autocorrect! Not to mention my proofreading fail!)

Rose Red said...

Doily, not roily! (oh, I give up!! Gah!)

Bells said...

i'm with RoseRed. Go the bamboo or similar. I found the metal too heavy with the start of the doily. Later when I moved to a circular, I used a metal one but it didn't matter by then.

You are so smart to do the photos every 3 months. If I were to start now it would be such a huge job. But I do like the idea. Flipping through albums is way better.

Bells said...

sorry I realise you said you can't use them that thin - maybe don't go for bamboo that thin - I've got some birch ones in that size that I used. It's a bit stronger.