Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nothing To Do For It But Knit

It's been a bumpy transition week, and my husband will be away this upcoming week, so I don't anticipate next week going any smoother for any of us. When I feel all agitated and I don't know what to do, the best choice is simply to knit something.

This is my progress so far on Girl's Best Cardigan, found via Bells, who recently posted about the one she knit for her niece. I showed my daughter this pattern and Olearia, by the same designer, and she heartily approved the Girl's Best. When I saw it calls for DK weight, I dug up the Bendigo Luxury 8 ply I have in brick, and my daughter approved that, too.

Interesting story about this yarn--it came to me April before last thanks to my husband, who had a work conference in Melbourne (I know) and Bells, who lives in Canberra. I ordered several Bendigo yarns and had them shipped to Bells, who, with her brother-in-law's help, forwarded them to my husband's hotel room, and then he ferried them home, thus saving the international shipping. I'd chosen the Brick Luxury with Little Liza Jane in mind, but when my daughter showed very little interest in another jumper-type dress I'd knit her, I decided not to make it. (She prefers skirts, so I've sewn her three of those so far instead.)

So it seems just right that this very Australian yarn, acquired with the help of an Australian blogging friend, is being knit up into a sweater found through that same friend, designed by yet another Australian. I'm working down the body now, back and forth with just the lace panel and some increases every bit, not too straining for a busy mind stuck in a turbulent mode. Because really, sometimes, there's just nothing else to do for it but knit.


Bells said...

awesome. So great! Love that colour - great use for the yarn too - note though that luxury can really grow! Like by inches at a time. So maybe stop short on the length?

lamina @ do a bit said...

Very cute and i love the colour! I find knitting a good chill out thing to do too... it just relaxes my mind! Hope you week will not be too stressful... knit knit knit :)

Rose Red said...

That is just the best red! Yay for red cardigans and knitting to keep your mind off things!

MadMad said...

I love it when things come full circle like that! Good luck with the upcoming week! My husband was in Japan for the first week of school, and all the nonsense that entailed, and I'm pretty sure I won't be forgiving him any time soon. Unless he brings me back some good knitting books...

Michelle said...

That is so neat! Very smart move to save on that crazy shipping. And I love a good yarn. (HaHa! get it . . . yarn . . . story . . . oh I am FUNNY this morning, and not at all delirious from being awake way too early and still sick)

Good plan for the week. I wanted to give myself homework and practice casting on this week, but then I remembered it's Crazy Birthday Week. Maybe next week.

amy said...

@Bells--thanks for the tip!
@Lamina--thank you~I hope so too. :)
@MadMad--sadly, he's going to Denver, and I can't think of one. single. thing I might want from Denver. I hope you got some good knitting books!
@Michelle--if only we lived closer, I'd have you knitting in no time!!

& what I didn't mention is he's getting on a plane on our anniversary. I'm cranky about it.

Donna Lee said...

I thought about you yesterday (the 11th) and remembered someone once saying she was "taking back her birthday" which was 9/11. It isn't fair that all the good things that have happened on that day should be eclipsed by other events.

And getting married is definitely a good thing. Happy Anniversary!