Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finished Knit: Boy Dolly

It's a good thing this boy dolly is going to my daughter, because I'm not sure I could gift him outside the house.

I finished his overalls Friday night. The last time you saw him, he was felted and stuffed but he had no personality at all--no face, no hair, no clothes. I think he is chock full of personality now. I know he's not mine to name, but in my head, I've christened him Zeke. I love him so much.

The pattern is F. Pea's Scrappy Doll, but I made the head a little smaller and eliminated the thumbs. I also, obviously, made him a boy. For his hair, I knit a circle in the round, increasing where it seemed right to shape to his head, then sewed it on. Then, using a crochet hook, I added his hair, knotting it like you'd knot fringe on the end of a scarf. This took most of an evening. I trimmed the hair up a bit when I was done, but not too short, because Zeke is a bit of a free-spirit.

For the overalls, I looked at both Winter's Overalls and the top of F. Pea's Soxxy Dress for inspiration. I actually knit them from the leg join up twice, because I wasn't happy the first time--they were too big around and looked like clown pants. Zeke may be a free spirit, but he has style. Clown pants Would Not Do. So I pulled back and did it again and got just-right overalls.

Even though I did this completely in secret--including the photograph--I don't think I can let Santa take the credit for this one. I think the boy dolly has to be my daughter's gift from Mama and Daddy. Because I know I have to let him go, so he can be a much-loved and played-with boy dolly...plus, I'm sure I get to visit with him, since he'll be right here in the same house and all. (And in my head, I'll be thinking of him as Zeke.)


Carolyn said...

Amy, he's adorable! I think it's time to start dropping hints...things like, "if I had a boy dolly, I'd name him Zeke!" If she hears it enough, maybe she'll choose it!

Donna Lee said...

He's adorable! My girls favorite dolls were ones I sewed for them. They weren't perfect but they were very well loved.

Rose Red said...

He's very cute! And most definitely should be from mummy and daddy, Santa shouldn't get the credit!

Bells said...

oh well done Amy. He's fabulous. His overalls are particularly great. totally don't let Santa claim this one. Give him with love and let him go and make sure G knows Mama made him! Love!

Michelle said...

Zeke!!! He's awesome! No, Santa doesn't get credit for handmade loveliness. Ever.

lamina @ do a bit said...

LOVE him!! He's gorgeous... I wouldn't want to part with him either... Lucky he is staying in the family... ha ha ha! :)

Hope you guys have a great xmas :)