Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Handmade Holidays: Progress Report

On this, the last day of November and the last day of my daily posting challenge, I thought it appropriate to report on my progress with my handmade holiday plans. Despite my tendency to add things to the list, I'm not in bad shape. I've been busy in November!

This is the status of my embroidered pine cone project. They're sewn up and just need to be stuffed and sewn shut. At first I thought these might be mainly stuffed with wool with some pine needles added, but as I sewed them (by hand, which meant I could sit in my rocker upstairs and chat with my husband while I sewed) I realized they wanted to be filled with cedar chips, and then they could hang in a closet or among woolens and be pretty and useful, a combination that I adore. After thinking it through, I realized a pet store or perhaps garden store was my best bet for red cedar chips. I've confirmed this, and next time I'm up near the big pet store, I'll buy a bag, and then these will be finished.

As for teacher gifts, I knit the final pair of cabled mitts and made a bunch of cute notebook covers, so that's a big ol' check mark--done! My daughter made her bookmarks (no photo of those, though), but the boys haven't made their chosen handmade gifts yet--school takes up SO much time. My daughter and I also made recycled crayons, which are so cute I just had to include the photo here again. Then I decided to make something else for my youngest nephew--I have the material, but it's a sewn something, and getting a chance to use the sewing machine is still a Big Production around here.

So remember how I thought maybe I'd use beeswax to make some ornaments? I decided upon seashell candles instead, and those are done too.

That brings us to my own kids. I've spent the month knitting them hats and mittens, which are not for Christmas, of course, but still need making. I haven't made the spare mittens yet (although there are plenty of spares floating around from prior years anyway), since I took a break to knit my daughter a sweater just because (almost done, too!). In between, I started a boy dolly for her. This is what he looks like as of last night, in a poorly lit flash photo because he only comes out at night, of course. His stuffing hole needs to be sewn (I like to let it sit for a night so I can see if I'm still pleased with the stuffing level) and he needs a face, hair, and some overalls, I think. I also wanted to sew up some play felt envelopes for my daughter--I ordered and received the wool felt, I just need to trace out a template and get sewing and embroidering.

So, as of right now, I need to finish the dolly, make the envelopes, and make my nephew's gift. That sounds completely reasonable, right?! Unless I forgot something, or I see something else I really want to make for somebody...

How are you doing with your handmade holiday plans?

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Donna Lee said...

I am working away on the holiday socks. One more to go and they're done. I've made some scarves while I was teaching the knit group to crochet (maybe I should call it the crochet group) that will be good for gifts as well. I need a new pair of mittens so I have to find some yarn that will go with both of my coats.

Michelle said...

Oh, I've got nothing. BUT I have my plan in place and I went through my fabric stash yesterday and set aside stuff for particular projects.

Oh, I love the sachets. I'd love to stitch some lavender bunches on some lavender sachets, but no time this year for sure. Plus, I actually have to learn how to embroider, and we know how behind I am on the knitting already.

Speaking of knitting, love the boy doll, too! Ella saw a knitted doll and said she'd like one. My girl. Wanted. A doll. I'm still in awe.

Anastasia said...

You are a busy bee! :)
Your stuff look great and I love the idea about a gift for teachers :)

Bells said...

you're amazing Amy. So much good stuff. Kids, teachers, the works. I'm impressed.

I'm going ok. I'm really not doing as much as I would normally do in terms of gifts but I do want to have some handmade stuff ready for the first time I'm hosting Christmas at my house so I'd better get cracking!