Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saturday Sewing: A Skirt For Mama

Yesterday I was awakened at 5 am by the sound of pouring rain. (I went back to sleep, no worries!) This worked perfectly into our no-plans Saturday; I wanted to sew a skirt for myself anyway. So I spent the day turning this

into this:

It's hard to see the ties there, but they're of the same fabric. I made this with a drawstring waist. Perfect? Nope. If I'm going to make more of these (and I think I am), I'm going to have to get comfortable with the buttonhole foot on my sewing machine. I did these two by hand, which definitely gives me more control but takes much longer, and probably isn't quite as neat--although I don't know, the one time I tried my buttonhole foot, it didn't seem all that fantastic, really. Also, the casing is a little (accidentally) gathered in one spot, but since the skirt itself gathers with the drawstring, it's not a huge deal. I don't expect anyone will be investigating my waistband anyway. (That's a bit too personal, no?)

Here's another view, from the back:

This skirt is really comfortable and flow-y. I love the line of it. It's a simple A-line, drafted using Sew What! Skirts. I used their suggested minimum of 2-inch ease for the top width, but I think I could go down to one. On the other hand, I like the slope from the waist to the hem the way it is now. And as you can probably tell from the one-day sewing, this was very easy to make.

And hey, look what the kids and I scored on Friday:

Someone was Freecycling wooden cigar boxes. Having never seen any before, I was picturing something less polished, that we could decorate and use for treasure boxes. We like these the way they are, but we could still personalize the inside covers, if we wanted. There are five boxes, and five of us, so we'll each get one. (The big people in the family are rather taken with these, too.) I plan to use mine for paper ephemera. I don't usually respond to Freecycle posts; it's often not anything I want, and if I do, it's already taken. But this actually worked out, and I had two of the three kids with me when I picked them up, and goodness, were we excited.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend! Today is sunny, but not too hot. Oh, and the cowbird chicks fledged...the whole story (with pictures) is here. Just so you're warned, it didn't end well for the phoebe's eggs.


Jen said...

Ohh so pretty! I love it. The poor phoebe babies :-(

lamina@do a bit said...

Your skirt looks great... love that fabric!

Oh dear poor little phoebe eggs :(

Sally said...

Love your skirt. Buttonholes aren't hard on the machine... just practice on scrap a couple of times first. Also ironing on the smallest about of interfacing behind where you want the button hole to be helps stabilise the fabric. Don't forget that you're the only person in the world how is going to be looking at them closely too...
when was the last time you got up close and personal with a friend to check out the state of their button holes???

Donna Lee said...

I love that style skirt. It's perfect for August when it's just too hot for much of anything else.

Someone gave our program some cardboard cigar boxes and we decorated them. I've never seen such nice wooden ones.

Karen Isaacson said...

cute cute skirt. You are the third person to talk about "sew what! skirts" and I have a thing for summer skirts. it's almost enough to make me sew again. okay - I just requested a copy of the book from inter-library loan. like i need another project!
good score on the cigar boxes! those are beauties.

Michelle said...

Buttonholes scare me. They were much easier (meaning: they worked and didn't completely frack up the whole machine), but they still scare me.

Oh my gosh, I need new skirts now. I love the width and the swing on it!