Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Finished Knit: Long Saroyan (Two)

Remember this? (Project details here.)

Once I finished my Azami, this became my only knitting on the needles, which means it's done now. It's just about 90 inches long, so I lay it out on the floor so you can see: this long!

That wee bit of yarn underneath is all that's left over from a skein of Malabrigo Sock. I like how this pattern (Saroyan) allows me to use as much of the yarn as I can--and in the end I have a nice long skinny scarf that I can wrap around my neck a few times.

I took a photo outside, too, to show you how much the color changed within this skein.

When I started (the left) it was much more blue. By the time I ended, it was definitely heavier on the green. I like it. I bought the yarn because the colors reminded me of the ocean, and that's exactly what the beach water does, too--changes color.

And no, I didn't block it. I blocked my first one, and what a hassle, to try to block 90 inches worth of scarf. Where do you lay that out? And it didn't take anyway. Experience taught me that in this yarn, anyway, it's just going to curl no matter what. I don't mind. The leaf edging is like a sweet little secret. I know it's there. You might get a peek of it while I'm wearing it, just enough to make you think, hmm, there's a little something extra about that scarf....

But now I'm bereft, with empty needles. Completely unprepared. The Ravelympics Ravellenic Games (curious about the strike-through? Google will help) begins in ten days, and I was thinking I'd make something from this skein of lace weight (Aurora by Jill Draper Makes Stuff) because I have only knit in lace weight once and so yes, it would be a challenge.

I'm not sure what to knit with it though--any suggestions? Funny story about this yarn. I left the Squam Art Fair with no yarn--I know, none! I did have fiber, as a gift for my sister-who-spins. But no yarn. Then one of my cabin-mates wanted to go back for more of Jill Draper's yarn, and I offered to keep her company, and next thing you know she's whispering into my ear like the devil on the shoulder in cartoons, and I end up with a skein of lace weight, of all things. I'm fine with knitting lace; it's the lace weight yarn that crosses my eyes.

What I really need right now, though, is a project that will take no more than ten days--or that I'll be okay abandoning for a while in ten days--and uses yarn I already have. Any ideas for a skein of Socks That Rock Mediumweight? I have one left over from making baby sweaters. Really, truly, I need something to knit right now.


Jill said...

How do you feel about cables? I made sweetheart socks, two pair, from Knitty. I loved the pattern. They're toe-up, and the second sock knit so quick. First one was think-about. Anyway. It takes DK or light sportweight, would that do? Otherwise I'd say a baby sweater on spec. I never have one when I need one. I don't have enough brain to choose and set up a knitting project, isn't that sad? I'm back to hand sewing those little flowers for a mythical quilt. I have 124 and need, I think, 378, but I packed the book so I can't check. Scads, anyhow. Or mitts. What are you going to do with the laceweight?

amy said...

Testing my new phone!

Rose Red said...

Oh, so many patterns to choose from! Ysolda just released a lovely scarf/shawl using sport weight, Marin I think it is called. And I queued a great modular sort of scarf/shawly thing the other day, will come back and give you the name...the designer reckons it takes 18-20 hours to knit -do you get 2hrs knitting time per day?!

Rose Red said...

Sails, by Danielle Landis!

bells said...

that's a really pretty scarf. I reckon it'd be a pain to block yes!

lamina@do a bit said...

Looks great and I LOVE that yarn! What amazing colours! Beautiful! :)

Sally said...

Oh my goodness. I really do love that long skinny scarf. Fantastic.
... and what the?
Where is the world going when people can't in fun have knitting olmypics. Really? How do they own the trade mark anyway - Olympics have been around since ancient times. Surely we, the people of the world, own it. Isn't that part of what makes it special? That it is a world event owned by the world for the world. That has really made me mad. Humpf.