Sunday, July 8, 2012


I have so many ideas zinging around my head, and so many things I want to share and time. My goals for July? Because I have been keeping up with setting monthly goals.... June's was to spend less time on the computer during the day, and I'm continuing with that goal into July (which is why all my posting is done in the evening lately). It seems I will soon be entering this century when it comes to cell phones...having stubbornly resisted anything smarter than a flip phone that merely makes and receives calls--and, annoyingly, receives texts even when I don't want them, because they're not included in my plan, and I have no idea how to return them--I have now agreed to a smarter phone and a better cell plan.

My attachment to which phone is nonexistent; my husband is in charge of that because I don't care. I tell him what I'll use it for, and he does the research, which he enjoys and I do not. I can see how having a phone that checks email will enable me to spend less time on the computer--a good thing--and that it could be handy to text here and there, especially when my husband is traveling. As long as I remember to treat the phone as just a phone when I'm out in the world, I think I'll be okay with being dragged into the world of pocket technology. I don't want to have my face in a screen all the time. So.

Other goals for July? At least one beach day per week--and think of that, a whole day set aside to just sit and be, to play in the sand and water with the kids, read a little, find sweet little shells and stones... I am deliciously unbusy this summer, as much as possible. I've signed the kids up for nothing. Our days are our own. Day trips, beach days, days spent lolling around in the yard...

They read cuz they want to. Yay!
I've signed myself up for Pages and Paint, which starts tomorrow and is at cross-purposes with my no-computer-during-the-day goal, since new posts go up in the morning. I just have to remind myself, the point of an online workshop is that it is there and waiting for me, not the other way around. I can wait until nighttime to see what goodies Sarah has for us that day.

This week, I hope to have a tutorial ready to share--it's been awhile since I've done one of those. I want to show you what I made with this month's Whimseybox supplies. And there are some good links to zipper advice in the comments section of the last post; I have more fabric cut and just need to clear the art table off so I can set up the sewing machine again.

Today, though, we spent the day at the beach (again), where I found that sweet little piece of polished clam shell--I love those small bits of shell, tossed around by the ocean until they're perfectly smooth. This is a piece of the hinge, just the right shape to show how I feel about spending my day where the ocean meets the land.


Michelle said...

Glad you made it to the beach. Enjoy that workshop! It looks perfect for you right now.

I did nothing but the vegan workshop in june, which was nice. Just takin a break, you know? But july is slipping away and I havent planned next school year yet and we're supposed to start back up inaugust. At least now i canblame it on the dog eating my homework.

I dont have internet on my phone. Ken either.but we do have texting, which is very nice to keep track of each othet and set our minds at ease when we're on the road. Or if i need to say "pick up more wine on your way home." You'll enjoy it.

lamina@do a bit said...

Sigh... the beach...sounds like a good plan to me! I love my smart phone but to be honest I only use it for calls and text... not much internet stuff, though it does come in handy every now and then :)

Enjoy your time away from the every demanding internet... I should do the same :)

Donna Lee said...

I check email on my phone and then don't feel like I have to turn on the computer. This keeps me off the machine. (and that's a Good Thing). The internet phone does come in handy if, like me, you ask What's that? alot and want to know what something is or what a word means. It's helped me identify vegetables in the grocery store. So, although my family still considers me a dinosaur, I do use the thing.