Friday, May 13, 2011

Custom Commissioned Ort Jar Label

My, that does sound impressive, doesn't it? A couple of months ago, I used a stamp I'd carved to make a label for the pickle jar which has been holding my DPNs for years now. I learned the process from Print Workshop by Christine Schmidt, and once I knew it worked, my boys and I labeled every jar we could in our art studio. So my sister's recent request for a labeled jar in which to keep her orts wasn't completely out of left field, although I wasn't quite sure what an ort was. In this case, an ort is "the snippet of thread left over in the needle after finishing a section of embroidery."

And this would be a dressed-up jar in which to keep your orts.

I just realized Blogger lost an entire post, in which I mentioned I'm participated in Sew, Mama, Sew's May Giveaway Day. Thanks a lot, Blogger! I'll work on re-creating it... maybe?   Here it is!


Michelle said...

Blogger was eating all my comments this morning. Or blocking me completely.

The jar is lovely! And I can't wait to see those finished bean bags!

Anonymous said...

blogger has been reporting all weekend - so I saw on twitter- major, major problems. They've spent days re-buiding sites.

I am happy to know now what an ort is! Seriously!