Friday, May 27, 2011

The Girl's Curtains

A while ago, Bells mentioned she hoped I'd show the girl's room once it was painted purple. Here you go!

This is only a small portion of the room, but the colors are pretty true. We've always let our kids pick out their own wall colors from paint chips--even at age two--and none of them have ever gone wrong. It's a deliciously girlishly colored room. The evening my husband got the color on the walls, I walked in and it hit me that we have a GIRL. I knew this--she's been around 2 1/2 years, after all--but now we have a room that shouts out girl. Fun!

You can also see her curtains in this photo, those purple curtains covered with tools. (We have a girl with two older brothers. See the tool box in the cube shelves, too? It's on its third kid.) These curtains gave me a hard time. The construction is simple--a rectangle of pattern fabric and a rectangle of muslin, sewn together, with a casing at the top. A whole bunch of straight lines. It was cutting such large pieces of fabric that nearly did me in.

Since the window is about 44" across, I simply cut selvage to selvage (although I had to trim the muslin later since it was a couple inches wider). So each curtain was about 44" by 70". My table isn't 70" long. I had to measure to a yard, fold over, measure again from the first point, and try to cut straight. I think I botched it a little. Luckily such simple curtains can absorb some mistakes, and unless I took them down and pointed out each place where it's not quite even, nobody in this house is going to notice. Still--as I worked with these, I just kept thinking that it's a good thing I don't need to make curtains, even ridiculously simple ones, to earn a livelihood. I also thought that I probably wouldn't be machine quilting anything more than a doll quilt anytime soon--not that I've even started quilting, but it's good to feel inadequate before you even start, no?

So, does anyone have any tips on cutting and sewing large pieces of fabric? Meanwhile, I'm not displeased with these curtains (and I'm quite pleased they're finished), and my daughter is tickled pink purple with them. It would be good to know better for next time, though.


Anonymous said...

oh that purple is FANTASTIC! She's got great taste. And yes, you do have a girl!

I hear you on the large fabrics. I'm not very good at that yet. Sean once said he'd love it if I made curtains and I said no, not yet. They sound like something simple but I'm sure they're not. Just the size! But they look great and you're right no one is goign to notice any slight wonk.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous room! Girly without being saccharine.

As for cutting large quantities of fabric, what you do is, you wait until you have some kid-free time, and you clear a big space on the floor. It's also good to have a long straight-edge and a rotary cutter, but you can do it with scissors.

But even more important is to keep in mind that there are no curtain police - if there were, most third-world sweatshops would be closed down for crimes against straight seams. If your curtains are keeping the light out and the warmth in, then they're getting the job done.

Michelle said...

Yay for the paint!!! I love it!

For long stuff, I fold the fabric and cut through a few layers at once with my rotary cutter. Keep in mind I have no patience and there are no straight edges on anything I sew. :)