Thursday, September 27, 2012

Snippets of Making

I've already started working on the list for next week's List-it Tuesday--the topic is "creative things I could do in 15 minutes or less," and since most of the creative things I do are slotted into small pockets of time, this is perfect. You don't have to make a colorful, artsy list to participate, either. You can post a hand-written list or type it right into the blog post. I'm guessing lots of people who visit this blog are familiar with the concept of making use of the odd quarter-hour here and there. Perhaps you'll join in next week?

And of course I mention this because it leads right into what I'm posting about--some snippets of making that I've been able to do lately; the fact that I've gotten some creative play recently is helping my mood tremendously. Sunday afternoon I got in some sewing, just two more zippered pouches that were already cut and pinned, but it's amazing how much just the act of sewing them up made me feel so much more like myself. One was for my daughter, the long-promised pencil pouch, and the other hasn't reached its destination yet, but I'll be sure to share some pictures of it when it does.

I also created a handmade card this week. I started by layering some collage and paint on a 9x12" piece of Bristol board. Then I cut it into four pieces and added to one of the pieces to make my card (not shown). Here are the other three pieces, waiting to be worked into at some point and turned into more cards.

Also this week I borrowed the Artist's Journal Workshop from the library. I saw Jodi's review and immediately requested it through inter-library loan. It's a fantastic, inspiring book. I would love to create spreads like the ones shown in the book. The thing with drawing, though, is you only get better at drawing by...drawing. So I've been trying to sit down and draw.

That's the spray bottle that I use for artsy/crafty things. It's usually on the ironing board or the art table, and last night it was on the art table, so I drew it. The bottom is off--that curve on the left? all wrong. But how do you get better at drawing? By drawing. And oooh, do you see the date stamp at the top right? I can't explain why I wanted one so badly, but I did, and it turns out they cost less than $5 at Staples. Satisfying a want for less than $5 is pretty sweet.

Feeling prickly is a fairly good indicator that something is out of whack, and what's been out of whack is filling my well with some creative time. So, into the tiny slots of time it goes--a quick sketch, a layer of paint, whatever I can manage. It's that important.


Lori said...

so true that you get better at drawing by drawing! :)

i guess that probably applies to a lot of things. :P

the date stamp is GREAT for stamping project work, too! ;o)

Carolyn said...

So glad you're taking the time to take care of you. I remember those days with 3 little children underfoot and just needing a little me time. Savor it!

Karen Isaacson said...

I go through periods of being determined to draw every day (because I won't get better, etc) and then the pull of the paint and glue is just too strong and I forget to practice. glad you're finding pockets of time for creating. amazing how even 15 minutes can be the difference between a bad day and a good day.

Donna Lee said...

I know that prickly feeling. It usually means I need some time to be left alone and to DO something. Tomorrow I'm dragging out the sewing machine. I need to do this for my own sanity. A shop apron is on the menu.

Michelle said...

Ok, darn it. I'm gonna draw fifteen minutes a day. It's something that's always bugged me that I can't do it. I've just always had other creative interests and didn't spend the time practicing drawing. But now I feel so limited by my lack of skill in that area. So. There. I put that book on my list, but it's check out now. I'm pretty sure I have some other drawing books around here. I think I even have a public domain one on my nook. No excuse for me this week.

So glad your taking time for yourself!