Saturday, September 1, 2012

Up Next: Pink With Sparkles!

So, those of you who remember me from long ago, when I had two boy children and was sure I was a Boy Mama through and through and perhaps not at all cut out for being a Girl Mama, and then I found out I was having a girl child, and remember I said I wouldn't dress her all in pink and frou-frou until and unless she asked for pink or frou-frou?

Behold the yarn for my next knitting project:

That's Dream in Color Starry. The last time we visited the yarn store, my three-soon-to-be-four-year-old was just bowled over by the sparkly yarn. She has been for a while, actually, drawn to all the sparkly bits, some of which aren't anything I want to knit with. But when she admired this one, I told her we'd come back to get enough for a sweater (I wanted to figure out how much that would be exactly before buying it). After viewing some pattern choices, she settled on another Daisy Cardigan, because she has finally outgrown her first one (look at that adorable toddler--go click!!). We went back today, and I pulled all the colors with at least two skeins and from those she picked this pink sparkly yarn with hints of purple.

And you know what? I kind of like the pink sparkly yarn too. Look how far I've come!!


Karen Isaacson said...

that's just awesome. as I suspect you've noticed, I'm not very frou-frou myself, but as a former preschool teacher I find that few are immune from at least a brief period of pink sparkles around this age. ironically I found it much easier when Max when through his pink tutu phase than I probably would have if I'd had a daughter. that's going to be a mighty cute sweater!

Anonymous said...

Heh, that yarn is my worst nightmare! But I am sure if my child wanted a pink sparkly cardi, I would knit it for him! Perhaps while wearing sunglasses, to tone down the pink!

Sally said...

I'm blown away by that sparkling yard too!

Sally said...

... that'd be yarN.

Donna Lee said...

Pink is one of my favorite colors. While my mother would never buy me pink anything, she inundated my girls with pink things and they all hate it. I think the pink sparkly yarn is gorgeous.

helen said...

my how she's grown! I'm loving going back and making patterns for Alice that were great the first time around.

Pink sparkly yarn...I haven't done that yet and feel compelled to join you!