Thursday, October 4, 2012

Finished Knit: Sparkly Pink Sweater

You can't really see the sparkles, but they're there. The yarn is Dream in Color Starry; the pattern is Daisy Cardigan; the full notes are here on Ravelry. I began on US 5s, took it out and started over on US 6s. Much better. I'd forgotten how much this picot bindoff curls up, especially with wool, but when I asked the girl if I should try to block it out a bit more, she said, "No! I like the curl!" She wore it for a bit, but it's not quite sweater weather, not yet. Not for her, anyway. She's still wearing shorts and sandals half the time. Who am I to argue? She lets me know if she's cold.

Anyway, the pink sparkly thing? Kinda freaking adorable. The other day she was rummaging through our dress-up basket and informed me, "This house needs more sparkles." She wants to have jewels for Halloween. She suggested gluing them to herself. I suggested we go shopping for some costume jewelry, but in the face of her idea, I felt boring and a bit, well, lacking in a certain sparkle, no? Her sneakers are silver and sequin-y. She definitely brings sparkle to my days.

I'd have been done with her sweater slightly sooner, but partway through I took a short break to knit some baby things.

The yarn isn't quite this dullish; it was a dull grey day. It's quite pretty, actually, with some violet in there, so I when I went stash rummaging I thought this would work okay for a baby girl, the granddaughter of someone I know. The yarn was, I'm quite sure, a gift from someone, and I'm not sure where the label has gotten to, but I'm pretty sure the colorway was Passionfruit and I know it's merino with some nylon in there. Never mind all that; who can resist wee bitty baby socks?

I have So Many Big Things I want/need to knit, so instead of starting any of them when I finished the pink sparkly sweater, I cast on for a pair of socks. Knitterly avoidance, I guess. I'm not wrapping my head around some of the Big Things just yet.

I'm still grumpy about it being autumn, but knitting while watching football and drinking hot coffee isn't terrible, so there's that.


Helen said...

hey we both posted sparkly items where you can't really see the sparkles this week!

It must be such a contrast for you after the boys - more sparkles. I love it. Little girls are lovely and that's an adorable cardigan.

Jen said...

What a beautiful sweater! I was just told this week that I need to get some "glitter glue" so Ree can "use lots of sparkles" in her crafts.

Suburban Correspondent said...

Pretty sweater! Sad to see that the pattern only goes up to size 6. Also sad to realize that all my kids are bigger than size 6 now.

Cameron said...

...and you knit, too!

Add that to your long list of talents!
These projects are soooo cute!

I'm loving my pouch, btw :)

Donna Lee said...

I'm with her. More sparkles and more color! When I was younger, I was more into beige and neutrals but as I get older, I am drawn to colors. The brighter the better. I really want some light up sneakers but have yet to find them in my size.

MadMad said...

Donna Lee's light up sneaker idea made me giggle, and now I've lost my train of thought... but very cute sweater! The girl has good taste!

Anonymous said...

Awww, she wants more sparkles! She really is a 3yo girl! Sweet cardi!

T.L. Holmes Williams said...

Oh I love knitting! I've really just learned how; finished a scarf last winter for my mom and began a purse/bag using 100% wool so I can felt it afterward. Someday, I hope I can knit little sweaters, hats, and socks!!