Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sewn: Sparkly Princess Cape

I've had this cape in my head for a long time--since I made the skirt out of the same fabric, actually--so it's just as well my daughter decided she needed a sparkly cape for her Halloween princess outfit. She was more than happy for me to use the fabric we already have, too. I wish I had better photos; it's grey and dim today, and I had to use the flash indoors. But you get the idea, and I'll be sure to post photos of the entire princess outfit after Halloween, although they are forecasting rain for Halloween, how dare they?!

I used two layers of a basic cape shape. The underneath layer is the blue satiny stuff, and the top layer is the sheerer, sparkly stuff. I hemmed the sides and bottoms of each piece separately, then zigzagged them together at the raw neck edge before sewing on the narrow binding that extends into the ties, which you can see below.

That way, the layers flutter individually as she runs.

It turned out just as I pictured it, and I am beyond delighted with it. My daughter seems pretty happy, too. And as far as Halloween sewing goes, this was extremely low stress.

Are you doing any costume creating this year? How's it coming along?


Michelle said...

Squee!!!! It's so cute. Of course she loves it!!!

Ugh, yes, how dare they. Is that Sandy rain? Dang it.

Jill said...

Ya. At least it's rain where you are. Someone said the S-word about that storm, and it wasn't "Sandy." I was so busy looking at your cool cape I didn't notice the stripey I recognize them?

Donna Lee said...

yea, I heard the S word but it won't be for our area. I love the double layer cape.

No costume making for me this year. I have a Hallowe'en shirt and a ghost headband that I'll wear to work. We have to straddle a line because of the whole mental health aspect of the place. (although I have come to work in full angel regalia before)

Karen Isaacson said...

oooh! fluttery layers are the best!
first Max said he wasn't going trick or treating this year. he said he was going to stay home and pass out candy. then he said he was going to glue leaves all over a cardboard box and wear that. maybe trick or treating, maybe just wearing the box while he hands out candy. (box with armholes is waiting in garage without any leaves). then last night I heard him telling his grandfather he IS going trick or treating and how he plans to be a character from a video game (or maybe this other character) and I poke my head into the room to note that Halloween is now LESS THAN A WEEK AWAY and if he wants help making a costume, perhaps he better share his ideas with ME. I see late night glue guns in my future. of course we might be in the middle of a hurricane/blizzard so the point will be moot....