Thursday, October 25, 2012

List-It Tuesday: Overheard

Yes, it's Thursday. I've had a couple of Weeks Like That, okay, and only two days late is actually pretty impressive, considering. The topic this week is overheard, and it's just too juicy to let slip by.

My daughter takes a preschool gymnastics class. Last year, when both my older kids were in school, I spent the 45 minutes sitting and knitting. Most parents stand at the viewing window and chit-chat, but I was too tired and achy from Lyme Disease to stand for more than ten minutes at a time. (Sad but true.) This year I have my eight-year-old with me. He does his math chapter and then we play some Uno, or he might read while I knit, or, usually, some of all of that. Today, I eavesdropped a bit. Some of these were said by parents, and some were said by the group leader who runs the before-school care for kindergarteners. In case you can't read the scan (the scanner doesn't like the spiral binding) or my handwriting, here is what it says:

* You're not being a nice boy. You're staying right here. Who's going to win this battle? [This was said by a caregiver--not sure if she was a nanny or a grandmother--but it seemed pretty clear to me the kid was winning.]

* Every single one is like chipped but a handful. I don't know what I was thinking when I registered for these. [Sigh. A few of the moms have a "like" speech impediment, as you'll notice. It like drives me like crazy.]

* They're like up the walls.

*Then it all like slowly unravels.

*I was feeling in control of my life for like a little second.

* It's definitely like guilt.

*I'll be making like 15 things for the school bake sale.

* Please sit down on your bum and eat. Sit down and finish your lunch. I'm going to have to glue you to that seat.

* Do not put that over your face like that EVER! You can see through plastic. You can't breathe through it.

*If you did say it don't say it again because it's not appropriate.

It's worth it to go back to Aimee's post and check out all the links...some good overheard stuff this week!!


Anonymous said...

These are "like" really funny! Was this like fun, or what?

Donna Lee said...

People like the word LIKE, don't they? I like eavesdropping. We were sitting in the bookstore cafe and overheard a bride and a photographer negotiating a wedding package. This was just after looking at the book of "awkward photos". I wanted to give the book to the bride and say, "look at this before you decide on any "artistic" shots".

Karen Isaacson said...

those are hilarious. I really like the "if you did say it don't say it again"
I think I need to go eavesdrop today!

aimee said...

Oh gosh... those kiddie places are ripe for awesome overheards and they always make me feel so much better about my own parenting because I realize my kids are not the only ones pulling something ridiculous on me. Laughed lots! Thank you!!

T.L. Holmes Williams said...

That's the first thing that came to my mind, too..."like". I cannot believe the "like" generation are parents/leaders, but I guess it makes perfect sense. I'd like to believe I never spoke like that (look...2 likes, used PROPERLY, in that statement) UGH. lol.

~runningwave~ said...

Love your "overheard" quotes. It's amazing to sit and listen to what people actually say. I don't make a habit of eavesdropping, but I can't help by being amused by different styles of conversation.