Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mother-Daughter Skirts

Oh yes, I did. I sewed us matching skirts.

(Apparently we often stand the exact same way. I had no idea.)

For the first seven years of my mama-ing existence, I was a boy mama. I thought I was a dyed-in-the-wool boy mama and that was that, and then pretty much as soon as I got pregnant with the third I knew she was a girl. I've come around to being a girl mama pretty well, don't you think?

When I saw that Purl Soho was having a Memorial Day sale, I decided to get some fabric for skirts for me and G, and it was actually my idea to get enough of G's choice so we could have matching skirts. I sat her on my lap and asked her what she liked, and she chose this cute flower print on a blue background. (The sale is still going on, but I can't find this fabric there anymore; it must have sold out? Here it is on the Robert Kaufman website.)

I made G's skirt using the simple skirt tutorial at MADE. Actually, I read the tutorial on the computer, took some measurements, and went downstairs to sew without consulting the computer again. It's that simple. (Just a note, I tacked down the seam allowance at the top 1 1/2" before making the casing; the tutorial doesn't say to do it, but it helps keep the elastic from snagging.) I whipped it up Saturday night while G was asleep, then fit the elastic and sewed the gap in the casing on Sunday morning.

Then I made mine, using the directions in Sew What! Skirts (borrowed from the library) for drafting an A-line, elastic-waist skirt. I went on faith while I was making it, because it looked like a lot of width at the bottom. Even as I was adjusting the elastic, I thought maybe it wouldn't hang on me right. But I think hemming it did the trick, and it drapes just fine. I could have gone smaller in the waist (the book has you use the hip measurement plus some ease; I probably could cut down on the ease a bit) but it doesn't look too big, I don't think. I'm mulling over trying a skirt with a zipper next... I don't know, though. The elastic waist is awfully easy. I bought another cotton print for me, and some voile, and I have enough of this blue flower print to make G a pair of easy elastic-waist pants, too. (Although she's told me she expects a matching skirt for each one I make for myself.)

We love our new skirts. And this girl mama thing, it's pretty fun!


Anonymous said...

oh amy. Gorgeous post Such wonderful happy photos! It's the first time we've seen you both together like that. Well done. Just beautiful. If you can't do it with a little one like that, when can you?

Rose Red said...

Awww sweet! Elastic waist skirts are great! I must make some for myself for summer. I need to work out how to add pockets!

MadMad said...

Very cute, Amy! You're a good girl mama!

Olivia said...

Those are lovely skirts and really sweet photos, especially the matching posture! My mum used to sew matching or similar outfits for me and my sisters. Don't recall ever matching her, but I did borrow her clothes as a teenager so you might have that to look forward to!

Michelle said...

Yay!!! I love those! And I love that Kaufman print. I just looked up the book at the library and added it to my list.

Yeah, elastic is the way to go. Ok, no I want more skirts. :)

Anonymous said...

I love it! The skirts and the pictures, too. Beautiful.