Monday, June 27, 2011


It's Yellow Day in Poppytalk's Summer Colours Flickr Group. I won't be able to take pictures for all five colors, I'm sure, but I managed yellow. I only added two to the group, but I'm posting the outtakes here, too.

One day last week, my daughter and I went for a nature walk nearby. I told her the colors we were looking for. It was a grey, overcast day (later in the day we had some pretty impressive thunderstorms), so the photos don't really have a summery feel. For a while we followed the yellow trail...

...and my daughter spotted a yellow leaf on the ground:

Yesterday I took some more summery yellow photos. My son and I walked up the street to take a picture of these pretty yellow flowers:

Wouldn't you know the first photo I took (of many) ended up being the one I liked best? And just up from our house is this yellow sign, which I requested the town install, in a rather futile attempt to get people to slow down and follow the posted speed limit:

Summer should be about children at play. My kids and I have loads we want to do this summer, and I'm sure we'll all learn loads while we're at it, but it will be real-life hands-on self-directed play-filled learning, with nary a worksheet in sight. Here's to summer, y'all.

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Bells said...

this is a GREAT idea - pick a colour and go looking for it.

Doesn't all that yellow look so sunny and shiny! We need one of those signs on our busy street, with all the morons hooning up and down.