Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Creative Space

I remember, what seems like ages ago, seeing creative spaces on some Australian blogs I followed. I didn't realize until recently that our creative spaces is now hosted on its own blog. It's a really nice place to find inspiration and peek at what some very creative people are doing, and I want to join in! I share my creative space with my kids, and today (hurrah!) is (finally!) the last (very last!) day of school, so I'm not sure how many of my projects will get attended to over the next couple of months, but either way, the creative spaces in this house are usually pretty interesting.

Earlier this week I finished another simple A-line skirt for myself.

This is fabric, again, from the Purl Soho sale, and again, it's an elastic waist. What I really wanted to do was a drawstring waist with two buttonhole slits at the front for the drawstring to come out of, but I'm not really on comfortable terms with my buttonhole foot yet. I did try it on scrap, but I just wasn't confident enough to attempt it on the skirt. Also, even though I narrowed this waistband from the last skirt I made, it's still too big. I don't know if I'm not getting an accurate hip measurement or if I'm just cutting with too much caution, but I could take a couple inches from that and still get it over my hips. (As it is, I adjusted the elastic to be a bit loose, since I often wear skirts and pants around my hips and not my waist.)

At any rate, when my daughter saw this skirt, she asked where hers was. So that leads me to my picture of my creative space as of this morning.

The folded rectangle of blue fabric in the back is waiting to become my daughter's skirt, and the narrow strips next to the felt will become a couple of scrunchies for me, and that about does it for the two yards of fabric, except for scraps from cutting out my skirt pieces.

The felt is wool felt, 18" squares, that I ironed last night. It's for a hand-sewing project I plan to do this summer. Can you tell from the colors that it's a Christmas project? For once I'm not only thinking way ahead but doing way ahead. That's the plan, anyway!

See more creative spaces here.

A few fun things around the web--I want to try and participate in Poppytalk's summer colours week. Doesn't that sound like fun? Again, not sure how well I'll do getting online with all the kids home, but we'll see. I also am thinking of signing up for this sewing only hesitation is how much time I'll have in July and August, but I might just give it a try anyway. And finally, with my kids in the studio hat on, I'm guest posting today here at Mama Pea Pod.


Michelle said...

Sweet! So a shorter skirt? Ok, now I want to sew more skirts again. :)

Happy Last Day!!!! said...

summer is really the perfect time for trying out different kinds of simple skirts. Lovely!

I hope you do get to do the sewing workshop. I think that'd be great for you.