Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday: Brown

Happy Friday, y'all. I wish I could report that my upcoming weekend held some time for sewing or painting (I have new watercolors I bought with birthday money a month ago, still untouched), but we are flat-out again both days, and I have a feeling it will be like that through the holidays. My craft supply procurement this week has been all about the Halloween costumes--I told the kids to figure out what they need to put their costumes together, and I'd hunt it down. I ended up buying three pairs of black pants, a black shirt, a red shirt, a green shirt, and white gloves, and I still need to find another green shirt, a Green Lantern ring, and some green ribbon for the prince's pants. The crafty tasks for this week are going to focus, I think, on helping the kids embellish their costumes.

But--back on task! Today is the final day of Autumn Colour Week. Perhaps because the colors are linked to seasons, or (probably) because of my own preferences, I tend to look for the colors in nature. These two pictures both were taken in my yard.

Oh look, a salamander! Did you know I love salamanders?! This is a red-backed salamander. He hangs out in the moist dirt under the happy Buddha statue in our front yard.

And this is a close-up of some sort of fungus growing on a tree stump in the side yard. To be honest, fungus isn't something I generally look at up close, but aren't those stripes beautiful?

Happy weekend, everyone! I hope yours holds some time for relaxing.


lamina@do a bit said...

Pity you won't have time for painting :( Looking forward to seeing the costumes :) Have a great weekend!

GirlAnachronismE said...

That fungus is really pretty, though not something I would usually look at. It's a great photo

Bells said...

a salamander AND fungus - two awesome looking things. Rich, vibrant browns. What's not to love?

And because I'm reading backwards, I see you got some creative time in on the busy weekend! Yay!