Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Grey Day. Everything is Grey."

("I watch, but nothing moves today." From My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss.)

View of the Newport Bridge from Jamestown
Today is Grey Day over at the Autumn Colour Flickr Group. And that is why I was so excited that yesterday's forecast called for rain, rain, and more rain. Wednesdays are also my day to cross Narragansett Bay on two bridges to go to my daughter's Music Together class. It was so grey yesterday that, much to her delight, the lights were lit on one of the bridges. (She is always hoping for a lit-up bridge, even on sunny days.) I, on the other hand, often grip the wheel tightly on even the calmest of days; I can't close my eyes over the bridges, like I did as a child, when I'm the one driving.

View of Narragansett Bay,  Jamestown
The views off the bridges are stunning no matter the weather, but of course I couldn't pull over and take pictures while crossing. Still, I pulled over several times during our trip back and forth and ended up with some photos I liked to add to the one grey picture I'd already taken, of a late afternoon sky in our backyard. (You can see all my Autumn Colour photos here.)

Worden's Pond, South Kingstown
I'm enjoying this exercise--anything that can make a grey, rainy day exciting is good. But I couldn't resist this shot of raindrops on Asiatic bittersweet--a shot of color in a grey, grey day.

Happy Thursday! I'll be back tomorrow with some lovely browns.


Donna Lee said...

We've been in the grey for a while, too. But, as I was getting off the train, I noticed the sky was blue underneath and the bottom of some of the clouds were pink so there's hope for some color in the day. It's dark in the morning now and it takes a while for the colors to wake up.

GirlAnachronismE said...

Wow, an amazing picture of the bridge there. It's very hard to photograph a grey day, and you've done really well!

amy said...

@Donna Lee, what I've been noticing is how the colors stand out against the grey. This morning was very foggy, but the trees that are finally getting some orange to them looked gorgeous against the smudginess in the background.

Thanks, @Girl! The views around here are so gorgeous it's kind of hard to mess them up. :-)

bells said...

i kinda wish I'd joined in on this exercise. It's wonderful the way it makes you really look at the world around you and spot certain themes.

I love the indian names of places around your way. I just read 'Caleb's Crossing' and could say those words over and over - they're just great.