Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yellow and Orange (& Hands)

Thank goodness for Autumn Colour Week, because the only crafty thing I've been doing lately is knitting, and while I think Hitchhiker is a terribly clever pattern, it's not very exciting to photograph in progress. So I'll share my favorite of my yellow (Tuesday) and orange (Wednesday) photos instead, with the caveat that I really think it's time for a digital SLR. I'm getting frustrated that I can't control the exposure, focus, and especially depth of field the way I want to. I learned on an SLR way back when in the Dark(room) Ages, and I'm sure I'll have to re-learn so, so much, because it's been so, so long. If anyone has suggestions on a good digital SLR, I'm all ears. I know I need to do some research. For instance, will my old lenses work with a digital? It would be so great if they did.

At any rate, photos! Yellow, in my backyard:

And Orange, in my front yard:

Part of what I enjoy so much about these color weeks is that I end up paying attention more, because I want the photos to be current. I think, once I get that digital SLR (Santa?), I'll be setting myself photo challenges. I've been better about not leaving my camera at home, too, which is why I'm sharing one last photo, not of a color, but of hands. (And again, I wish I'd had more control over lighting and focus here. Ah, well.)

Those are my grandmother's hands, a month short of 96 years, holding my daughter's hands, which will be three this week. They were singing together, and I wanted a photograph of their hands.

I hope you all are having a beautiful week! The next two colors are grey and brown, and oh, I've been finding some lovely browns. Can't wait to share them!


Bells said...

love love love the hands photo!

I want an SLR too, or rather a DSLR. But I won't yet - I'll just watch you with envy!

amy said...

okay then, I just checked out the Canon site. Hmm. A bit too much $, even for Santa. AND my old lenses aren't compatible. Which really sucks.

Olivia said...

Hmm, I thought most of the major brands of (non-digital) SLR lenses did work with one of the major brands of DSLRs. But I am not an expert.

I do really love my SLR (it's a Canon 40D - I went in for a 450D and got talked up one model) but it is really bulky and heavy. For a while I wondered if I should have just gotten a really nice point-and-shoot (or some kind of hybrid) but since I did an SLR course it feels much more worthwhile.

Olivia said...

I forgot to say the most important thing - I love the hands photo!

MadMad said...

I finally broke down and bought a Canon last year, and really do love it, EXCEPT: needed to get a whole separate (and equally costly) lens to do some pretty basic zooming that my cheapo camera - hey, probably my phone! - could have covered. Had heard some great things about Nikon, too, so look into them, and see if their telephoto options are better. Target runs some decent sales (they appear to rotate between Canon and Nikon weeks) and that's where I got mine.