Monday, October 17, 2011

Red Leaves. (And Black Pumpkins.)

Today is for Red over at Autumn Colour Week. This is my favorite of the pictures I added:

I think this might be woodbine? Some sort of creeper, anyway. Sigh. I'm not really sure. I've mentioned before how hard field botany was for me, yes? It was so much information, presented in such a hodge-podge way, I never could keep it all in my head at once. I'm sure if I learned it in a logical way, more of it would have stuck. It all made me feel so stupid at the time. But, I know a pretty red autumn plant when I see one, anyway.

And I mentioned we'd have a couple of crafty items for my daughter's birthday party--not just her shirt. We also had chalkboard pumpkins for the kids.

The full post about these can be found at my kids-n-art blog here.

Happy Monday!


Bells said...

the idea of chalkboard pumpkins is so great! I've never seen it before and it's wonderful!

The red leaves against the dark stone look so beautiful. Autumn is great. The only way I've managed to retain any botanical information myself is to fill my garden with plants I love and commit them to memory that way. My knowledge has been building incrementally over the years in a way it never did at school.

Michelle said...

Colorful leaves! I'm so stinking jealous.

Ooh, ooh, it's supposed to be in the forties tonight. It's been close to ninety every freaking day. Forties. Squee!!!!!

But the leaves are already brown. Plus, it's been ridiculously dry this year, so they had no chance anyway.