Thursday, November 17, 2011

Knitting Progress

Since my last knitting post, I've finished the green Vertigo Hat and whipped up a pair of mittens, too.

I really do love those greens together. Who knew? I need to make another pair of mittens in the other green, and a spare set for my oldest in grey, and mittens for my daughter, but before I began any of that, I started on the boy dolly for my daughter for Christmas.

Here he is, waiting to be felted. Then I'll need to embroider his face, give him some hair (I'm thinking some loops), and knit him a pair of overalls, probably from my head rather than a pattern. The pattern for the doll is f.pea's Scrappy Doll, which is actually a girl, so it comes with a dress pattern. I knit her as a girl last Christmas (you can see it here). This time around I made the head smaller because it's kind of ginormous as written. I also eliminated the thumbs, because I thought they came out sort of funny on the one I knit before.

So, the boy dolly. Last Christmas Santa brought my daughter, then two, a sweet little Waldorf-style doll, but at the last minute I decided to knit a doll, too, and they sat in the Christmas-morning stroller side by side. Before too long, my daughter decided the knit doll was the mama and the other one was the baby--she likes to pair things up that way. Sometime over the spring/summer, she let me know she needed two boy dollies, because in our family we have a mama, two boys, and a girl. Of course. So for her birthday, she received a Waldorf-style boy dolly, and the second boy dolly will come for Christmas. She likes to give her dollies band-aids and cover them with blankets and take them for wild, speedy runs through the house in the stroller.

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Michelle said...

Oh how sweet! I've been considering getting Harper a doll for Christmas. Actually, I've been considering them for BOTH girls. Although I think Ella would appreciate it more if I made one for her. Oh, I just don't think I have the time to figure that out.

I love those greens, too. :)

Bells said...

Oh! A boy doll! I love her logic! Can't wait to see him done.

The greens do go really well together. Nice!

Sally said...

Love love love those greens. Delicious.

Looking forward to seeing boy doll finished too. Your very well organised for Christmas.

Rose Red said...

Love the stripy hat!

It's so hard to get boy dolls, I think it's a great shame. But how lucky you can make them, to complete the family.