Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday Links

Back again with some interesting things I've pinned lately (and not-so-lately).

Source: via Pinterest
 Zaaberry posted this tutorial in May as a teacher gift. I agree, it would make a great gift, teacher or otherwise. She's got quite a few lovely tutorials on her site. I should make some of her toy bags, since my daughter also hoards and steals plastic Ziploc bags for toys (I know not why, but at least  now I know it's not unusual). I have to get over my fear of sewing vinyl first, I guess.

Source: on Pinterest

Then there's this amazing Creative Suitcase Tutorial that was featured on Whipup. Honestly, I'd like this one for myself, but if you have a favorite child and lots of time, what an amazing holiday gift this would be! I have children (no favorites, of course) but doubtful that I'd be able to claw out the time to make this. Isn't it wonderful, though? All those pockets! I'd have loved something like this as a child (did I mention I still would?), and it's just too fabulous not to share, in case anyone out there hasn't already come across it.
Source: on Pinterest

Speaking of finding time, I really, really want to set aside time to play around with a bleach pen. Look at the lovely linen table runners created by Dora at Show Tell Share. She also shares some tips on using bleach pens. (The problem I've been having is that almost all of my t-shirts have stuff printed on them, so I don't have an old beat-up solid color shirt to upcycle.) But I love these table runners; the colors are so brilliant, it really goes well with the bleaching. So simple, yet so pretty, and wouldn't it make nice napkins as well?

Source: on Pinterest

And my last link for today--these surprisingly (given the method) beautiful acorn cap jewels featured on the Kiwi Crate blog. It's just acorn caps, markers, and glue--really. Last year we had so many acorns that they covered the driveway. We drove on them, we crunched on them, they were everywhere. This year, not so much. We're going to have to go hunting for some, because truly, these are so pretty.

Happy Saturday, everyone!


Bells said...

oh so many gorgeous things. That bowl of acorn jewels is especially appealing.

I love how many sewn cases, holders etc are out there. The possibilities are endless really!

linda said...

wow, so many tutorials. my list of "to make" is getting wayyy too long now :P it's nice to have so much inspiration at my fingertips though!