Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fitting into the Corners

The kids have been like dominoes with this cough/cold virus--that's what it's like when you have more than one--and while thankfully, it's been nothing terrible (ER visit notwithstanding), it's been hard to find some creative space! So this is a randomish post of what I've managed to fit into the corners.

Over the weekend I sewed the second headband I'd cut out. Isn't that dog adorable? I've gotten compliments on both headbands when wearing them, and there are more in my sewing future. The girl has requested I make one for her, for starters, so I'll be sizing this down for a three-year-old's head.

Also in the picture is the second sock of a pair for my daughter. I finished the first one yesterday, then took the cuff with me when I went out yesterday evening to hear Kim John Payne speak at the local Waldorf School. I really enjoyed his book Simplicity Parenting, and this talk was about discipline, which is the topic of an upcoming book. I knit on the cuff while I waited, but once the talk began I was either laughing or taking notes. He was really funny--I didn't expect that. It was a great talk, and I caught up with some folks afterwards, and when I finally got home at almost 10 o'clock I said to my husband: Thank you. That was like food for my soul.

I've gotten a wee little bit of a chance to work on ideas for my next tree embroidery.

I'd hoped to be farther along than this. Ah, well.

And finally, remember my word cards? My little reminders of what I hoped to be able to do? How about this one?

Well, after Jen commented on my watercolor doodle we emailed back and forth a bit and this is the result. This makes me so happy! One of the reasons I began my kids/art blog is because by making time for artistic experimentation with my kids, I got to do some, too, at a point when it was really challenging to find creative time for myself. So it's doubly happy-making that Jen, her husband, and her toddler all painted together. Yay!

And, well, that's sort of all I've managed in the past week. See more creative (and probably more productive!) people here.


lamina @ do a bit said...

That headband is really cute! Love the dog! And how lovely about you inspirational watercolour... Love it! :)

GirlAnachronismE said...

That dog headland is adorable! And I think you've been very creative! But then, I've been knitting black stockingette stitch all week...

Jen said...

The love the idea of the headbands. Once I finish some other projects, I'm planning on picking up embroidery again...because of your continued showing your projects. I really do thank you so much for the inspiration of doing the watercolors. It's opened up a whole realm of possibility: if I can do THAT then I can at least try everything else I've thought I wouldn't be good at! I hope everyone is starting to feel better!

Donna Lee said...

It's funny how something small like hearing someone speak (on discipline of all things!) can make you feel that deep contentment inside. Making time for that feeling is what keeps us all sane. Ok, it keeps ME sane. I can't speak for everyone else.

Bells said...

sometimes I think that's just how life is - squeezing the good stuff into the spare spaces. In a way I almost feel more productive that way - the time is more precious.

Which isn't to say a big slab of creative time isn't welcome.

Love the dog!