Thursday, February 2, 2012

Watercolor Doodle {Creative Space}

Remember that watercolor doodle from last weekend? This is what it became.

Isn't that fun? It was inspired by this image on Pinterest, but after pinning it, I didn't really consult it again, just had the idea of filling a page with watercolor shapes and then filling them in with a fine-point Sharpie when it was dry. Periodically throughout the week I'd work on a shape or two. It's very relaxing! This is in a small watercolor sketchbook--no stress attached, it's a sketchbook. A place to play. And this was very much play, and very fun.

My kids and I are also getting ready for Tinkerlab's latest challenge.

The final result will be posted on Monday in my kids/art space.

Some other random things:

* I should be done embroidering my winter trees by now, but I went out Tuesday night (I did! with other adults!), and then yesterday I pinched the tip of my left index finger, resulting in much blood. I was afraid it would re-open if I tried to embroider and I'd bleed on all that hard work. Should be good to go tonight.

* See the dog on the sidebar? I joined the double-dog-dare at the Squam blog. I'm going to try to make myself walk this month. The lingering joint pain and fatigue from Lyme are sapping me (that's the quick, skimming-over-the-dirty-details explanation), and my instinct says that a bit of walking--nothing strenuous, just a stroller walk with my girl--might help both, if I don't overdo it.

Looking for more creative people, who maybe finished their project because they can keep their digits intact? Click here!


Sally said...

Bleeding on the tree would be very bad... wait until all healed!

Love love love the watercolour doodle. It really is magic. Pure delight.

Bells said...

the watercolour doodle is lovely. I'm sure there's lots of scope for that to become a nice creative outlet.

When I read about the risk of blood on embroidery it made me think of the fairytale....what is it? Damn it's going to bug me now until I remember.

lamina @ do a bit said...

It's great to do be able to doodle and paint freely stress free... you never know what ideas will come out of it :)

Glad you got to go out wiht other adults... I'm hoping to get out tomorrow with other adults ha ha ha :)

Jen said...

The watercolor is beautiful. I've always wanted to do that but have no drawing/painting talent and have been afraid to. I should just do it for ME sometime and not worry so much! I hope your finger is better and you've been able to embroider! Have a great weekend!

Michelle said...

So cool! I always wondered if you doodle first or watercolor first. I've been wanting to doodle lately, but I am so overly conscious/critical about my doodling. I'm working on it . . .

Walking should be good. I really need to do some yoga again for my back. I did a little during my detox and felt better. Then why don't I do it if it makes me feel better. Hmmmm????

That is the same finger I gashed/stabbed with the scissors opening that stupid box Tuesday. Ouchie.

amy said...

@Sally, thank you!

@Bells--Sleeping Beauty, maybe? Pricked a finger on the spinning wheel?

@Lamina, yes, adults! To knit! And since I was the only one with young kids, the conversation was actually wide-ranging and not focused on kid-related stuff. Whee!

@Jen, this took no "talent" whatsoever. Seriously, anyone can doodle. :)

@Michelle, you can do either first, but if you doodle first, make double sure the marker is permanent and not water-soluble. Have fun, if you give it a try! I think a small sketchbook is less stressy, for me anyway, than a whole piece of watercolor paper.

Jill said...

Tell Bells it's Snow White, the old version. The mother pricked her finger and a drop of blood fell on the white embroidery cloth. I don't remember where the black came in. Good to know, though, that your spit will dissolve your blood. A stray spot, not a spill. Spit on a tissue and blot the spot.
What did you do to your finger?
I love the watercolor doodle. I bet Sylvie would too.