Monday, March 26, 2012

4x6 Exchange, Take Two

I've decided that my overlapping circles embroidery will be my contribution to the 4x6 exchange. That link shows it in progress, and here it is finished.

I am really, really happy with this. While the skunk cabbage watercolor is okay--perfectly acceptable, I know--this feels more authentically me. Now, one caveat being that this 4x6 piece of embroidery weighs just over one ounce, which means one stamp won't cover it. Since we send in a self-addressed, stamped envelope to get someone else's work back to us, I'm not sure how that's handled. (The rules just say it has to lie flat to be mailed.) I emailed to ask. If this is too heavy to swap, or I don't hear back by the postmark date of Saturday, I'll send in the skunk cabbage instead.

So, back to the embroidery. I cut a piece of book board to size and sewed the embroidery around it. I followed the instructions in Stitch-opedia, but it's more or less like this. I didn't take a photo of the trussed-up back in progress. Here's what it looks like finished.

I need some work to make a nicer label thingy to go back there, I know. The plain piece of cotton hides all the thread work and is sewn onto the embroidery fabric.

One more view of the front!

Seriously, so pleased with this. I want to start another one (but different) right away.

{Thanks for all the good vibes you're sending my way! I can tell they're helping.}


Jen said...

This came out beautiful!! Hoping the week is off to a good start!

Jill said...

Way, way cool. I'm so glad you're pleased! Do you have some fine-point pigma pens? Permanent fabric markers. They come in *colors*. I am sick, home with a well child. Not a good combination.....happy Monday.

Donna Lee said...

It's beautiful. I love the colors you chose against the background fabric.

And I hope your week is still going on (fairly) quietly.

iamrushmore said...

I bet that's even more beautiful in person. You're going to make some swap participant very happy!

Bells said...

well if the good vibes are helping you produce work like that - I'll send all I can. Amazing. I really, really love that. Like REALLY REALLY love.

It's interesting and I know that sounds lame but it is. It's meant to be sound like I'm damning with faint praise. I do think it's striking. Maybe that's a better word.

Bells said...

I meant to say NOT damning with faint praise! D'oh!

Michelle said...


I think going with the one you feel is most YOU is always the best option. You know, that and it's awesome.

Jennifer J said...

Nice work!!

Olivia said...

Yeah, I really love this one too! And it sounds like, from your progress posts that it flowed quite naturally (which is a great feeling, if so).

Shell said...

I liked the look of this embroidery when you first posted it .. the finished piece is lovely and I would love this as a recipient in a swap:)

Lis said...

Wow! So beautiful ... and I scroll down and see those gorgeous fingerless gloves (why did I resist ordering that pattern and yarn? Oh, right, my DDD sweater vest MUST get knit before I can indulge in anything else, sigh ...)

I'd say if you've fallen down this week, you have not only gotten up, you've hopped up!

xo Lis