Friday, March 2, 2012

Pretty Things + Surprises

I had the sort of week where every single night, I went to bed thinking, Tomorrow is a new day and I will do better. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday...I failed to do better each day. I was so far from the me I want to be. In part I blame February, such a tough month for me. I know last winter was colder and much, much snowier, but I feel like this winter has been darker. We got more sun last year, and whatever we got was intensified by all the snow cover. I think that's the difference. In the understated way my husband has, he ventured, "You always have trouble in February and March." This was some point after a kitchen drawer literally fell apart; eight years of me slamming it shut when irritated in the kitchen finally took its toll. Thankfully, after that, I stopped falling apart too. Friday was better. Want to see?

Four headbands I've made lately, three of them finished up Friday morning. The two larger ones on the bottom are mine, made from fat quarters bought just for that purpose. The two smaller ones are my daughter's, from stash fabric. Aren't the colors so springish and bright? On purpose, of course. I really do love these. They take minutes to sew up, they're so useful (my hair is long, long, long and heavy, too, and my daughter's is also long, and elastics slip right out of her baby-fine hair), and I always get complimented on them. I'm planning an embroidered denim one next.

After that, I put the stroller in the car and my daughter and I drove into town. Wednesday and Thursday, it was cold and wet--not only couldn't I take a walk, but the damp bothered my hip. Today the temperature hovered near freezing, but it was sunny and dry. I parked at one end of a stretch of bike path and walked the path from there to Main Street, where we stopped into a couple of stores. At one, I paid for a one-night watercolor class I'd signed up for over the phone, and at the fabric store, we did a little of what I called February Recovery Shopping.

Two fat quarter bundles and a 1/2-yard cut--that's the polka dots--for another headband for my daughter, because why not? She likes to pick out fabric too. Fat quarter bundles are the fabric store equivalent of a nice skein of sock yarn. You want something, you don't have anything in particular in mind, and they're so pretty. This store makes them especially pretty, don't you think? You can't see all the fabrics in this photo, of course, but on the left is a variety of beautiful greens, and the right has four pieces of Japanese fabric that feels lovely and told me it wanted to be embroidered on somehow.

When I got home I found unexpected goodies in the mail. I think I mentioned I participated in the Squam Double Dog Dare for February? I said I was going to walk at least twice a week, because I felt that moving my body would help me recover from the effects of Lyme and help me with the quicksand naps I was falling into daily. I'm happy to say I both made good on my word, and that it has helped. And this is what the Squam fairies sent me:

Yes, that's just the package. It's decorated. I had to take a picture before I opened it. There's a note on the back, too.

Honestly, I don't know how they have the time for such personalized love, how Elizabeth and her staff are keeping the spirit of Squam so true as it gets so big. This is what my daughter and I found inside:

My daughter helped me empty it, which is how we ended up with sparkly blue stars all over the rug!

Notecards, a dog tag that says I'm a top dog, glitter lip gloss, sticky notes (which is awesome, because I'm always hunting for sticky notes while I'm knitting), and FLOWER SEEDS!! Because spring, oh spring is coming, y'all. Oh, and everything was wrapped in what I think is a doggie neck bandana. Hmm, maybe I can get the cat to wear it? I'm sure a stuffed animal will be pleased to receive it, if the cat isn't.

And another sign of spring landed in my mailbox today:

That, my friends, is this year's National Poetry Month poster. Those of you who have been reading since I first began blogging elsewhere may remember that often in April, I posted a poem a day. I'm considering doing that again. I love poetry, love it, I love sharing it, it makes me happy. Spring and poetry and pretty things and walking and surprises and getting through Friday behaving more like the me I want to all makes me happy.

{P.S. I set myself a March DDD challenge too...and you don't have to be registered for a Squam workshop to participate. There's something about publicly setting a goal, no matter how big or small, and feeling accountable, that does wonders. There is a lot of good energy over there.}


Suburban Correspondent said...

Meanwhile, spring is about a month early here - daffodils are in full bloom (along with crocuses and some hyacinths), the red buds are swelling on the trees, and the magnolias are blossoming. Crazy.

Sally said...

Well I do so hope you're having a nice "kind to yourself" weekend. I understand what you're getting at re: struggling at the end of winter. I am like that and I live in a part of the world where we don't even get snow!!! (Saying that though our houses aren't properly heated here though) Still it gets hard with no sunshine ... I often consider myself to be solar-powered so at the end of the winter my batteries are running flat.

Not long to go until you'll be relishing summer.

Jen said...

I can relate to the week of not being who you want to be. Thankfully each morning (or each week sometimes!) is new and ready for a re-start. I like the idea of February Recovery Shopping & you picked out such pretty fabrics! The Squam ladies are awesome (not only because it's how I found your blog!). Now that I know about Squam I'm making it a goal to get there some year!!

elizabeth said...

ohhh *happy sigh*

thank you for SHARING all the images-- love. xoox, e

Rose Red said...

I haven't had a great February either (for different reasons). I hope both of our Marches are better!

And please pretty please post some poetry in April! It doesn't have to be every day, but just every so often! That would be lovely!

Bells said...

February is always hard for you. In all the years I've known you you've struggled through, limping towards March.

Glad you got a bag of goodies and that you rallied to get the headbands done! I won't be seeing Alice for a couple of weeks but I hope to have one or two made before she visits next.

Olivia said...

I hope things are looking better this week (and if it only took the sacrifice of a kitchen drawer, that's ok!) Love the headbands.

Donna Lee said...

It was a hard winter even without the snow. I think the lack of light has been so difficult. It's hard to photosynthesize without any sun! I stood on the train platform this morning and just closed my eyes and turned my face to the sun. It wasn't warm but I could feel the light. It was wonderful.

simona said...

so many great things happening! getting something in the mail is just the best, isn't it?!
the headbands are really pretty!