Saturday, March 24, 2012

In The Mail

Lots of fun in my mailbox this week, as postcards have been arriving thanks to iHanna's DIY Postcard Swap. I've received eight so far, pictured here with the personalized wrapping Caterina used. I've left this photo a little bigger, so if you click it you should get a much better look.

Roughly top to bottom, going left to right: Caterina's "Home Sweet Home" ccollage; Vesna's "Be You" paint and washi tape collage; Yvonne's stitched fabric card; Madelene's woman card; Quinn's found poetry card; Paula's cheerful red and yellow painted card; Susan's "She loved books most of all" collage; and Chris's goddess collage. (I don't know if it's really a goddess, but it reminds me of one.) How cool are all of these? I'd love to show you close-ups of every single one, since they all have some amazing details. You can see lots of postcards in the Flickr group. I want to share the quote Madde included on the back of her card, though.

Kinda what I need to hear right now...

Also in my mailbox this week, I received my first Whimsey Box!

It's just so sweetly packaged, with a pretty postcard telling what's inside. Glue stick, stick-on magnets, Sharpies, trim, and patterned paper, which you can't see at all, so here's a better look.

Luscious, is what that is, especially with that lace and rick-rack.

Anything fun in your mailbox lately?


I typically try to keep background chatter off this blog, but my husband is away for the next week. This isn't an uncommon thing (although this spring has been lighter than usual), and I'm usually pretty on top of the solo parenting. I typically handle it all, with something approaching aplomb. During his last work trip, the dishwasher broke, the cat killed the TV by puking into it, and I was diagnosed with Lyme. That's a fairly typical solo parenting week, actually. However, due to non-bloggable background stuff, I'm not feeling too confident in my abilities to handle even the daily schedule on my own, never mind the random crazy. So if you'd take a minute to wish for a calm week in these parts, I'd so much appreciate it.


Suburban Correspondent said...

If I weren't already having a house guest this week, I'd invite you to stay here. Spring is in full swing!

iamrushmore said...

wishing you buckets of calmness and clarity and lack of calamity. -Karen

Sally said...

That Andy Warhol quote is something to hang onto for sure.

Rose Red said...

That's a great quote!

Wishing you lots of calmness, healthy, happy kids, healthy, happy you, and a big dose of patience, or whatever it is that you need most, to help you through the week.

Carolyn said...

Hoping that a peaceful calm lives in your house while he's gone!

Bells said...

Love the Warhol quote. We must hang onto that.

Any time you need calm this week, pull out your box of whimsy and just breathe.