Friday, November 2, 2012

Garter Stitch

I began this blanket a few weeks ago--it's intended for a baby due in December--but I made huge progress on it this past week. It's a simple garter stitch blanket that grows out from one corner, then decreases down to the opposite one (Easy Eyelet Blanket). I've knit it numerous times, including one for each of my own children, which are still on their beds. It's a blanket that well outlives the baby years. And, as the name says, it's easy. And there is nothing like garter stitch to soothe a knitter.

I knit loads on this blanket while waiting for Sandy, during the storm, and after. I worked on it during my middle child's allergist appointment. It sat in my lap while I kept him calm during the scratch test. This blanket grew so much this week, it's almost done. I hope none of the anxiety transfers to the baby. I may have to give it a wash first, just to be sure.

We are fine...far enough from the coast that we didn't need to evacuate. We lost power for much of Tuesday--it stayed on all through the storm, but then they shut it off while they were making repairs in the area. A huge tree was down, all tangled up with wires, not too far from here, and I think our power went out when they began working on that. Truly, we were lucky in Rhode Island. Damage to coastlines and buildings but not people. I've signed up to help with debris clean-up this weekend (I'm waiting to hear if/where I've been assigned), and I've donated online to help victims further away. And I keep knitting, because it soothes my anxiety, which seems to have increased, generally, with age.

Garter stitch, garter stitch, garter stitch.

I hope all of you and all those you know and love are safe, every day. It's what we all hope for, isn't it? Every day.


Carolyn said...

Amy, I'm so glad to hear that you're okay. I was thinking about you. The blanket looks lovely, I have two babies due in the new year. I'm planning to crochet blankets for both (you know me and knitting, it's so slow!) and make a quilt for at least one of them, if not both. But this pattern looks so's basically a big washcloth, which I've knit many of! Now you've got me thinking...

Anonymous said...

Glad you all survived the storm intact and with little damage generally.
I think that the blanket will be a great protector and comforter to the baby, just as it has been to you while knitting it.

Helen said...

it was scary watching you all wait and be afraid and worried. I'm glad you're all ok.

A garter stitch blanket sounds like the perfect storm knitting.