Thursday, March 21, 2013

Making And Listening (And Thinking And Planning)

Dawn at Simple Things Notebook has started a new weekly post, Make & Listen Along. I made a note to myself that I wanted to join in, but somehow Thursday got here before I knew it. However, I snapped this photo today.

I carved the stamp one night this past week, while listening (more than watching) an episode of Merlin on Netflix. Definitely more listening than watching, because I take my glasses off to carve stamps because my close vision is much better that way. Today I stamped it on a piece of linen using screenprinting ink. I have plans for that linen--last week I also cut out several fabric pieces for some prototypes of ideas I have, using the materials I have on hand.

As for music, I usually have Pandora playing over the TV, often a mix of stations, but in the morning I keep it on the 80s alternative station. It helps get me moving, especially on days (like today) when I've been awake since 4:30--not by choice. Darn body and mind, they don't always cooperate with sleep. It's still (always) one thing after another here...small things, most of them, but cumulatively wearying. The latest is my 8yo's diagnosis of asthma, which truly isn't surprising, but is still a little overwhelming at this moment. (It'll get less so.) My 11yo is scheduled to get his adenoids out tomorrow. My husband leaves again in two weeks. No wonder I have trouble sleeping. And it always seems nearly impossible to get out from under all of it and make any sort of plans for myself. But I am. I've already made a tangible start. I'll tell you about it soon, I hope.

Also, I think I need to get a CD player for the studio area, or at least play Pandora over my phone. There's no music down there! And I do love to listen to music while I work.


Dawn Suzette said...

That is a great stamp Amy! Love the design!
I was so happy to have my iPad for listening to music in my new little "studio." It makes such a difference.
You have been in my thoughts with all you have going on.
Thanks for playing along with the make & listen along!

Lori said...

definitely need a way to bring music into the work area! get on that! :)

Alexandra DK said...

It's beautiful.
I think Dawn's weekly posts and the sharing will be a wonderful reminder to create.

Michelle said...

I have this little guy:

He is cute and sounds great. I can plug in my Nook or mp3player, so you could in your phone and play pandora on that, right?

Now I need the reminder to use him!!!

Karen Isaacson said...

wonderful stamp! I take off my glasses for carving, too. curse these aging eyes.

Suburban Correspondent said...

I am sorry to hear about the asthma! Do you think it could be allergen-related?

sylvia said...

i love that stamp! i started buying some materials for stamp carving but somehow stopped along the way...

sorry to hear about the asthma. hang in there amy, i'm sure things will smoothen for you soon!!

Donna Lee said...

Ha. I take my glasses off as well and I have bifocals! I still see up close better without them.

I've had you in my thoughts all week for some reason. Just so you know, I've been sending you strength and patience and if I could, I'd give you some time.

Bells said...

the stamp looks lovely on linen. What a great idea!

Being awake from 4:30am is not what you need. Hope you get some rest soon.