Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How To Read a Poem {and some links}

Donna Lee is also posting and talking about poetry this month (yay!). I came across this poem today and, thinking about something she wrote about this morning, wanted to share it. And before I do, a few more links to share:

Michelle just told me about bentlily, where Samantha Reynolds is writing and posting a daily poem.

Teabird posted about villanelles yesterday and included two. I was planning on talking about villanelles one day this month and including two examples. But she's already done it, so go read her post instead.

Here is my post from last April on Kidoinfo, sharing some of our favorite kids' poetry books.

And here is the link to the poem, for Donna Lee and all of you:

How to Read a Poem: Beginner's Manual
by Pamela Spiro Wagner


iamrushmore said...

"when you can name 5 poets without including Bob Dylan" - LOL!

Donna Lee said...

I loved that! A woman after my own heart. I have an old book of love poems that don't all sound like love poems as one thinks of them. BUT, when you read them aloud and let the words fall on your ears, you can hear all the kinds of love.