Monday, April 16, 2012

Felt Flower Garland {+ Poem Link}

Our slider was desperately in need of some spring freshening; it was well past time for the Valentine banner to go. Somehow, I missed March entirely...which works out well, because these flowers are so seasonal!

This garland idea was inspired by the craft in the last Waldorf parent-child group that my daughter and I attend. The leader had materials to make spring crowns for the kids. Everybody's ended up looking different, of course, but the basic idea was to finger knit the base and then sew on felt flowers (whatever sort of flowers we wanted).

This crown has three flowers, but my daughter was wearing it jauntily, to one side. At any rate, I thought some green crocheted chains with sewn-on felt flowers would be just perfect for our window.

I wasn't going for perfection here. The flowers were traced around a cut-out paper guide, but they're cockeyed and lopsided in places. This came together very quickly; I'm not interested in trying to dress up this window in any manner that will lead to stress. It's fun, it's quick, and it's cheery. We have a little vine of flowers trailing atop the window molding, and I love it.

For today's poem, I turned to Mary Oliver. I am betting many of you have read or heard her quote, "Tell me, what is it you plan to do/with your one wild and precious life?" Knowing she's a poet, I was curious about the rest of the poem--I was sure I hadn't read it before. It's called "The Summer Day," and you can read it here. This quote is always used in an inspirational way, in a sort of "Get up and find your true self and passion and get going" sort of way, and I was pleased to discover that the speaker of the poem has spent the day being "idle and blessed," paying attention while she strolled and rolled through the fields. It's good to know the context, isn't it?

I spent today climbing big, rocky-shore rocks with my children; picnicking and playing at the playground; loading up on even more armloads of books at the library (we currently have a total of 51 books out between us, with ever-revolving due dates); and playing outside at home. They have the week off from school, and the weather is cooperating nicely so far. A fine way to spend a day of my wild and precious life.


Donna Lee said...

I love the garland. Flowers should not be perfectly the same. Each one is differently shaped. I hope the weather stays beautiful for your vacation week. You enjoy it as much as the kids.

We made good use of the public library when the girls were little. Large piles of books got checked out each week. And now, large quantities of music and books get downloaded. That is one public works item I never mind funding.

Jill said...

Yay! Glad you had a good day. I'm taking two kids to work today for the first time in four years. Wish me luck.

Suburban Correspondent said...

I agree - the actual context improves the quote. It takes it from being a Type-A, what's on your bucket list statement to a question celebrating enjoyment of the here-and-now.

Michelle said...


You know, my heart garland is still up too. I put away al the Easter stuff yesterday, and forgot about it up there. Thanks for the idea . . . the garland is super cute! And, of course, the crown is adorable!

I'm pretending I didn't read Sunday's poem. *sigh* It is a lovely one, but I can't comment more than that today.

iamrushmore said...

yes yes yes to idle and blessed days scrambling with kids on rocky shores. this week's weather has been such a gift!

Bells said...

i hadn't heard the wild and precious life line, but it's evocative isn't it? Reminds me of another quote about tasting the marrow of life. I don't know where that's from. But they are good thoughts and the garland is adorable!