Thursday, April 12, 2012

4x6 Embroidery

First, though, I am loving the comments left about the poetry and am glad to hear that people are enjoying the poems. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the poetry~more to come this month!

I finally finished-finished the Irish moss embroidery that I finished stitching over two weeks ago.

As I did with the circles piece, I sewed this around a piece of bookbinding board. It was sitting around, waiting for me to finish another small piece, so I could truss them up at the same time. Here's the other one.

That's really just some trippy sort of fun I stitched up, just because. This time, my back labels are slightly better. Definitely more legible, I think.

I've considered using a piece of felt on the back instead, and gluing it on...and while that might be slightly neater overall, I wonder if the glue will hold, plus it would require a label sewn onto the felt, plus I think it would be thicker overall. So while this method is more time-consuming, because it's stitched on by hand, and slightly wonky in places (because it's stitched on by hand, and sewing against a hard board isn't so easy), I'm sticking with it for now.

I'm planning on dropping these off for a local gallery's 4x6 fundraiser. Hmm. I hope they're suitable. (All those insecurities, you know.) I'm liking this size, though. I think these could fit into a frame, no glass or extra backing necessary, just the embroidery around the board. Maybe I'll move up to 5x7 next and see how that feels.

I'm linking up with the creative folks again this week...


Bells said...

once again, beautiful, Amy. I think they're both striking (and the second one is trippy, you're right!).

Ignore those insecurities. You're onto a sure thing.

iamrushmore said...

that irish moss is so fantastic.
gluing felt is a nightmare. no matter what I use the glue seeps through.
tell those insecurities to take a hike
I'm awfully fond of 4X6 myself.
how many other nonsequiturs can I add to this list?
google chrome's spell check is all messed up and it keeps telling me words are misspelled when they aren't. so I'm starting to ignore the squiggly red line, but now I'm afraid I really am misspelling words and I have to keep stopping to look them up.
i met with my finance committee tonight and got home late and my brain is beyond fried. can you tell?

GirlAnachronismE said...

They look gorgeous, I especially love the Irish moss!