Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Creativity + One Last Poem

Happy Monday morning! Lots of photos today, sharing some of what I was up to this weekend. First off, my younger son and I went to the Hera Gallery's Postcard Fundraiser, to which I donated two pieces. He's a good companion for these sorts of things. Together, we looked at all the art for sale; I decided we could each pick out one. We discussed and deliberated and came home with these.

My son picked out the one on the left, which is by Susan Hayward, an artist with the gallery. I chose the one on the right, a print by Mary Kudlak.

Also this weekend, my kids and I, inspired by William Steig's Rotten Island, drew some monsters of our own. Do you know the book? It's a fun read, with vivid pictures and description of the island and its inhabitants. I drew several monsters, but this one makes me laugh.

On Sunday, I took a found hour and made the most of it, bouncing between a couple of projects:

Ready to begin carving
Carving complete
Still not finished with this.
Yes, I seem to be a bit stuck on trees lately, even with the knitting:

This is a Branching Out mitt from Coastal Knits, using Cascade 220. It calls for a thinner yarn than that, but it'll work just fine. I knit a complete mitt (minus thumb) in some sport weight I've had lying around since last spring, but I don't. like. that. yarn. At all. I'm going to use it for felting, since it just wants to stick to itself anyway. (That's what I get for being kindly disposed to unknown yarn--it was bought at the silent auction at my kids' school.)

And finally, I'll leave you with some happy baby pigs (trust me, they're small; I don't have a mama in this photo for scale) that we saw when we visited a local farm this weekend. I could do a post just of animal pictures--sheep and lambs and chickens and the chickens' guard dog. It was very spring-y there.

But truly, the baby pigs? Were adorable. This picture doesn't do them justice. And for the month's final poem, I decided upon straightforward. Poetry Month makes me happy.

by A.A. Milne

John had
Great Big
Boots on;
John had a
Great Big
John had a
Great Big
And that
(Said John)

From When We Were Very Young.


Donna Lee said...

My favorite poem from Milne is Halfway Down the Stairs.

You guys had a busy/creative weekend. I like both postcards you chose but I think I like your son's the best.

Michelle said...

I don't even think I've seen Rotten Island, although I love Steig. Monsters are so much fun. :)

Oh my gosh, tree mitts! Cute!!!

lamina@do a bit said...

You have been busy! It's good to have a bit of you time to be creative! Love the look of those tree mitts... lovely :)

Kate (Kiss My Frog) said...

I love Milne. My favourite is Cottleston Pie, from Winnie-The-Pooh, chapter 6 "In Which Eeyore Has a Birthday and Gets Two Presents" (and I knew that off the top of my head!). I used to have to read that particular chapter to J every single night, and when we got to the poem, he would recite it (with a lisp). It quickly became my favourite part of the day.

Bells said...

your work with trees is worth being stuck on. Trees are great, breathtaking beings and worthy of as much art as we can devote to them!

Friends of ours keep pigs and just had babies. They are unspeakably adorable!

Great month of poetry. thanks for all your sharing!

Sally said...

Love that monster drawing!