Sunday, November 4, 2012

AEDM2012: Days 1-3

November is Art Every Day Month, and while I have no hope of posting daily, I do hope to create daily. Actually, I do that daily anyway--rarely does a day go by that I don't at least knit a little. But my goal for November is to create 30 pieces dealing with the theme of maps. Why maps? My kids like to make maps. I like maps--new ones, old ones, imaginary ones...they're intriguing. I recently borrowed Mapmaking With Children from the university library, seeking inspiration and ideas to use at home. My younger two kids and I found some old maps in the local antique store and made some color photocopies for collage purposes, and then while I was ordering some books for my daughter on Amazon, the site suggested I might like Personal Geographies: Explorations in Mixed-Media Mapmaking. Why yes, Amazon, you smart cookie. Why yes I would.

So in other words, I have maps on the brain. To get ready for AEDM, I collaged with some pieces of an old US wall map (it hung in our hallway until it finally got too shredded around the edges and I replaced it). Around the collage, I brainstormed some map ideas, and when the Amazon order arrived, I read my new mixed-media mapmaking book. (It contains more step-by-step instructions on how to re-create the author's projects than I like, so I'm mostly looking at the pictures and reading the text for inspiration.)

November 1, I only managed sketches of ideas for compass roses--I spent most of the day vacuuming, doing laundry, and zipping things into allergen-free barriers thanks to my middle child's newly diagnosed dust-mite allergy. One of those sketches led to this painted rock, Orient:

I like clean geometric lines, but this was definitely informed by Mondrian, especially the color scheme. (Yes, a rock can be inspired by fine art; why not?)

Another sketch became this hand-carved stamp:

That was Day 2, Friday. On Saturday, I created these 2-dimensional pieces. I'd cut a stack of paper into 6"x9" pieces, so each finished work will be the same size...easier for compilation later, is what I was thinking. The first piece, Find Your Way, used the stamp and some purchased alphabet stamps.

I scanned this in, and the background, which is a mix of blue and green watercolor with plastic wrap on it while it dried, for the texture, is not quite as light and washed-out as it appears here. I used black block-printing ink for the stamps. The second piece, Map of My Brain, is also a scan.

You ought to be able to click on both of those for a bigger view. My brain hasn't been the best place in which to travel lately. For months now, actually. I don't usually get this personal on this blog, so I think I will just share the artwork without further explanation.

I may only manage sketches today, as well, as I'm heading out shortly to my assigned clean-up spot. I have to park, check in, and take a shuttle to the shoreline, which is under restricted access. I'm not sure what to expect, beyond coming home chilly, tired, and perhaps a little gutted.


Lori said...

love love your compass roses <3

your brain sketch is poignant (i empathize!) but also made me laugh (in solidarity) - i also let those people live in my head rent-free (i try to boot them out) - and i also take up brain space with projects i'll never get around to doing in real life (i’m on a never-ending quest to focus).

i see you forging ahead on those things that are important to you - you are an inspiration!

Chris n Susan Loughrin said...

Maps...such a rich metaphor!

Helen said...

oh the stamp! I love that one best!

Yes, be creative every day - little ppockets of it are so important when life is hard and the brain isn't the best place to be.

Michelle said...

I love the idea of that rock more every time I see it. :)

Ha! I was waiting for the explanation. I couldn't figure out the background on the second piece. Love the effect.

This is good work for that brain.

iHanna said...

So awesome that you take on a daily project in the midst of kids and choirs and that anxiousity and sadness. I think it's awesome and the map idea lovely. I hope you enjoy and take time this week too!