Sunday, November 18, 2012


I went out to fill the bird feeder this morning and frost was everywhere, shining in the sun. This isn't our first frost, but I was out there at the right time for it to catch my eye, so once the bird feeder was filled, I went back inside for my camera.

I'm still using an automatic and lusting after a digital SLR so I can control the focus better.

Mostly, these shots focused the way I wanted them to.

What I would really like is to save up for a digital SLR and buy it with my own money; being a non-income-earning mother is a lovely luxury, of course, but sometimes my utter dependency on someone else's income gets to me.

I don't do well with cold, dark winter. It's good for me to stop and take notice of the small bits of beauty. They are worth going back into the house to get the camera. Stand still and recognize, before the frost melts and the fleeting beauty disappears.

I'm still plodding away on my art every day project, although I don't quite always manage to make art every day. I have more to share, when I get to scanning and posting.


Cameron said...

I hear you about the income! I hate having to "ask" for money....especially if it is something just for me.

Those frost pictures are so peaceful....we don't get that here. It's quite a sight :)

Donna Lee said...

The frost took me by surprise the other morning. It glistened in the early morning sun. I like bright cold winter days but not the dark morning hours so every bit of beauty I can wrest from it is important.

Helen said...

frost photos are among my favourites to take. Yours are lovely.

I hear you on the DSLR. I've been wanting one for years but the budget never seems to quite go there - and I'm not a dependant SAHM! So far the iphone seems to do all that i want it to but I do wonder what i could do with something with special lenses etc.