Wednesday, November 21, 2012

AEDM2012: Days 17-18

I spent the weekend making a map of the Land of Oz. I used my pre-cut pieces of paper and just kept going. If I were to do this again (and I might), I'd arrange the pieces ahead of time so that they cold fold down into a book and open up into a map. So consider this a second draft. My first draft was created along with my two younger kids--you can read about that little project here, if you want. We were mapping the Oz of the book, so this map contains quite a bit that isn't even mentioned in the movie. First I'll show you the pieces all laid out together so that the locations are where they belong, in relation to each other:

 All the action in the story primarily happens North (where the house lands) to South (where Glinda's castle is). The Wicked Witch of the West's castle is, of course, in the West. The East isn't mentioned at all in the book--we have no idea what's over there. Here are the map pieces one at a time, following the path from North to South:

From the house's landing spot to the second ditch

Over the river, through the poppy field, and into the Emerald City

From Emerald City to the forest with the monster

Into the Country of the Quadlings

 And, of course, over to the west for the castle:

Land of the Winkies
I do see a combination handmade book/map of Oz at some point in the future--but after this month is over, I think!

I have one more post until I'm caught up. I'm starting to run out of ideas though...

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helen said...

what a delightful idea!