Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Little Something For My Moos

Once you get Mini Moo cards, of course you want to make a little case so you can carry some around with you.

This is made from cork leather, which was part of an order from Agulha Não Pica, the shop of Gabi, who writes the Portuguese stitchery columns for Feeling Stitchy. I have a small and precious piece of it. It's already soft on the inside, so I didn't need to line it, just sew it. My crooked stitches are proof of my inexperience with sewing this new material.

But I still think it's just the perfect little carrying case for my sweet little Moos. That's just a simple adhesive Velcro tab, cut in half--I felt that would be the closure that would wear on the cork leather the least.

Gabi explains what cork leather is here. I already knew Portugal was a big producer of cork (the biggest, apparently) because when my husband went there for a conference, he came back with a a little blank book for me, with covers of cork leather. It would be so lovely to have enough of this to use in book binding. Maybe in the future.... meanwhile, I have the rest of my original small piece. Wonder what else I'll make with it?


Donna Lee said...

I can feel your excitement as your trip comes closer. I could have used your Bug Away on Sunday. My brother sprays his yard with pyrethreum (sp?) and swears there are no mosquitos. The welts on my legs tell a different story.

Bells said...

that works! Nice and simple and almost rustic. Esp being made from cork leather.

I'm excited for you! I wish I could hear from you while you're there to know how it's going! Been so long waiting!