Saturday, May 26, 2012

To-Do To Done

My to-do list is so big and so deep and so tall...and so eclectic, and containing some curious choices, considering. But bit by bit, I'm clearing my way through.

Something I wanted to get to before heading up to Squam...making my own bug spray. (My daughter helped--I'm sure you can see her touch with the letter placement?) I made a half-recipe (because that's the size bottle I had) of the Bug Stay-Away in The Rhythm of Family, except I substituted lavender oil for the lemongrass oil, both because I already had lavender and because that's the recipe of this bug spray that lots of people recommended in the Squam group on Ravelry. So this has essential oils of lavender, citronella, and eucalyptus. I'll let you know how it works!

Friday night my oldest and I ran errands after dinner to pick up some supplies (and presents) for his brother's birthday, which is coming up. While we were out, I bought some things for my trip.

I realized I have nothing waterproof for my feet except for my winter boots, which, while I love them, they're probably a bit much. So just in case it rains and the camp turns to puddles and mud, I now have rain boots. Actually, I have waterproof "garden boots," found in the gardening section at Target and half the price of their waterproof "rain boots." I'm thinking about painting black circles and faces on them, so they match my daughter's ladybug rain boots. I picked up a headlamp (for walking on dark trails and/or knitting in poor light in the evening) and a beach towel too. I actually don't have a beach towel--I've always just borrowed the kids' as necessary, to cut down on things to bring. But since it won't be raining (because I'm bringing rain boots, of course), I figured I can spread that towel out on the dock and relax in the sun.

Major item off my list...and I will post more on this skirt later in the week.

Winter woolens, soaking--and even more impressive is that I scrubbed that utility sink, which was filthy with paint and who-know-what-all else, I mean scrubbed, so that I could clean the kids' hats and mittens before packing them away, and then give my favorite spring cardigan a wash before I leave (because it's coming with me).

My to-do list, by the way, is one of those that doesn't actually result in an impressively clean house before guests arrive for a party (in two days). What can I say? At least the woolens will be clean.


Jennifer J said...

I love it! The toilet may be dirty, but at least the woolens will be clean (oh, and the utility sink). I hope everyone chips in to help with the cleaning before your guests arrive!!

Bells said...

I love a list - I especially love a list with items ticked off.

Red boots!! I keep meaning to check out target since I've been told that's the place to get boots. Thanks for the reminder!

Will be keen to hear about the bug spray. I hate using the toxic stuff you have to buy.

iamrushmore said...

those red boots are so awesome. you're going to have to stomp in the lake while wearing them (since it WON'T rain and there won't be puddles.) boots like that would make me almost glad for a rainy day. love the idea of painting them.

Shell said...

I really love your red shiny wellies .. I haven't worn a pair since I was probably about 9yrs old but I decided to join in with puddle splashing with my little girl. Her choice of the design which was leopard spot and I daren't venture out in them.
Also, your sink, I have never seen a sink in that shape before.

Michelle said...

Lavender works really well, and if you have the citronella, you should be fine without the lemongrass. Lavender, lemongrass, and peppermint oils are my favorite combo. The scent is great too. All the co-op moms said they want it for perfume.

I'm definitely going to check my target for garden boots. I'm so glad you got a bunch of stuff off your list!!! :)

Sally said...

Off to find you on ravelry. Can't believe I haven't looked for your there already!