Saturday, May 12, 2012

Weeekend Blather

This post is kind of all over the place, but I did warn you in the title. First, I finished my headband:

That's the full-on shot of (mostly) all the embroidery, plus some naked toes, because hallelujah for naked toes weather. And here's the artfully arranged shot, using my new(ish) forsythia bush that I bought after turning the car around when I passed the garden center because I just couldn't go another day without my very own forsythia. That's when it was blooming yellow, a month or so ago. Now it's got some new green leaves, so I hope that means it's going to survive despite my plant curse.

There was a catbird nearby chittering at me the whole while, but I didn't get a picture of him. I do have another photo of the phoebe nest. Thursday morning it contained one phoebe egg. Friday morning it contained two phoebe eggs...and one cowbird egg. Cowbirds are nest parasites, which means she lays her eggs in other birds' nests and lets them raise the babies. Unfortunately, the host bird's chicks are often out-competed and die. But wait, it gets better. Friday afternoon, there was only one phoebe egg, and no signs of what happened to the other one.

This is what the nest looks like today, Saturday:

Two cowbird eggs, one phoebe egg. The phoebe doesn't sit on the eggs until she's done laying them. I'm fascinated with all of this! But guess what--when the phoebe began building the nest, she started one down the slat a bit which she then abandoned--perhaps it didn't feel a secure enough spot? The bottom of it is just the wood of the deck slat, and it's not built up as much. But the cowbird laid eggs there too!

These cowbirds just lay 'em wherever they can, I guess. When I looked closely at the photo (which, again, I'm taking by reaching the camera up there and hoping for the best), I noticed the bottom egg looks like it might have a hole in it. It's like Mutual of Omaha, Backyard Version out there. I love it. (Except I'm hoping we get some successfully hatched phoebes, since my kids are watching this unfold, too.)

I want to do the nice thing and wish all the moms a Happy Mother's Day, but I think it's kind of a bogus holiday. I really wanted my kids, and I don't expect them to fall all over themselves thanking me for doing a job I willingly took on, nor do I want them to be all nice one day a year and then become entitled brats, and really I have it pretty darn good all year long and, anyway, I think it's a weird holiday. The first Mother's Day after my first child was born, I felt like I should be doing something for him. You know, Hey! Thanks for making me a mama, kiddo. I still feel that way.

So instead I will just say, I hope y'all have a great weekend, no matter who you are.


Michelle said...

The bird eggs are so cool. And I love that little flower up on the right side. Both of them. But that one's smiling at me. :)

Oh, by the way, I beat you to sick. I have a sore throat and fever today, so that's how I'm spending my weekend.

Sally said...

Wow. There is so much nature stuff going on there... it reminds me of a Dr. Suess book... is it Norton...??? Ahh... my mind is a bit blurry right now.
I'm not that into Mother's Day either. My eldest has clearly been drilled at school so he is making a big fuss over me this morning and I am certainly enjoy that... lots of hugs and kisses - what's not to enjoy... but I'm just following his lead and what he wants to do. I have no expectations for the day... It is an honour to be their mother.
(Like so many things in this world it is all a bit too manufactured and a bit too commercial isn't it?)

Jen said...

The eggs are awesome. I'm enjoying your pictures and tweets about the birds. My new favorite past time is standing watching the birds at our feeders and in our yard. Ree & I are learning together. It's so cute to hear her name them. Today she was trying to copy their calls. I agree with you about Mother's Day. I love being a Mommy. I don't need/want a day for my kid to have to grovel at my feet to make me feel loved. I know she loves me. And really, it's an honor for me to do the laundry and dishes and cooking and all the 101 other things a mom does. I wouldn't want it any other way. I too have it pretty good all year round. I know I'm appreciated and loved! So I hope you're having a great weekend and sorry for such a long comment! :-)

Bells said...

loving the nest updates! I've never had access to something so lovely as that - so great to see it happening!

I like your take on mothers day.

iamrushmore said...

never knew that about cowbirds. fascinating. can't wait to see how all this unfolds. and good heavens YES about mother's day. there were a few years when my son was little when he wanted to make me breakfast in bed. but for me, the early riser who likes to be the first out of bed to enjoy the quiet, having to hang out in bed while Max (with the help of dad) made breakfast to "surprise" me, was more pain-in-the-neck than anything else. and it's HARD to eat in bed. doesn't that make me sound crabby and ungrateful? and then I feel guilty for feeling crabby and ungrateful. and then I resent the crap out of the corporations that have turned your average spring sunday into a festival of consumerism and guilt. (okay, maybe I am a crankpot afterall) this year he totally gets it. he hugged, me wished me a happy day and left me in the art studio while he went off to play video games. perfect. happy Sunday Amy!